Cuisine of Ladakh

The food in Ladakh is highly rich in organic flavours and is unique like its culture and people though, one may find a lot of similarity between Ladakhi food and Tibetan cuisine. Ladakh’s cuisine basically reflects a unique agricultural economy and lifestyle. It is amazing to see that despite harsh climate and infertile soil, the people of Ladakh have managed to grow potatoes, pumpkins, beetroots, and even beans in large areas and quantity. Though meat - mutton, chicken and yak remain an important part of the cuisine of Ladakh, these locally grown vegetables are also brought to use in different Ladakhi food recipes. The staple food of Ladakh is barley, and even wheat is seen used in good quantity. The very popular Momos are also an essential part of Ladakhi cuisine. Apart from this, Thukpa, Sku and Thentuk are some of the common dishes in the region

The locals also has an extensive use of apricot with which they prepare squash, wine, desserts and jams. Spices like cinnamon, clove, cardamom and saffron are also used in preparation of several dishes. The milk and meat of yak also plays an important role in Ladakh’s cuisine. The locals savours butter tea or Gur gur tea, in which the butter made of yak is used. Also, locally brewed beer or Chang add to the rich flavours of the Ladakh’s gourmet.

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