Shri Mahamaya Balasundari Jee Temple, Nahan

Shri Mahamaya Balasundari Jee Temple Nahan

At a distance of around 24 km from Nahan, near Trilokpur Village, Balasundari Temple Complex is a peaceful religious attraction of Himachal. The temple complex comprises of couple of distinct shrines dedicated to different Hindu deities among which the seat of Balasundari Devi is considered to be the main. A must visit religious site for the believers; the temple is blessed with the presence of Goddess Balasundari who is believed to be the incarnation of Vaishno Devi. People paying homage to this temple get salvation and all their wishes get fulfilled. Worshipping the holy Pindi that represents goddess Durga has a healing impact.

History Originally, the temple was constructed by Raja Dip Prakash in 1573. It is believed that the divine Pindi (a holy stone) which is worshipped in this temple was found in a salt bag, purchased by a local businessman. According to the legend, one day a small shopkeeper called Shree Ram Das got a stone in his salt bag which he bought from Devban. The entire day Ram Das kept selling salt from the same bag but the bag never went emptied seeing what he was shocked. At night Goddess Durga appeared in his dream and ordered him to build a temple in her name in order to install the same Pindi. As Lala Ram Das was not financially strong enough to build a temple, he approached the then ruler of Sirmour State to do the honour. The king agreed to his proposal and a few hired artisans from Jaipur built this marble temple. The temple was renovated in 1823 by Maharaja Fateh Prakash and in 1851 by Maharaja Raghubir Prakash. The temple exhibits the blend of Indo-Persian styles of architecture perfectly.