Renuka Temple Nahan, Himachal

Renuka Temple Nahan

Found at the edge of famous Renuka Lake, Renuka Temple is a popular Hindu religious site in Nahan. The temple was built in 1814 in the memory of Goddess Renuka, the wife of Rishi Jamadagni and mother of Parshuram. It is said that Parshuram wished to spend his life at the feet of his mother and it is because of this reason, the mother-son duo meet every year during the commencement of annual Renuka Fair. It is also believed that Goddess Renuka is the incarnation of Goddess Durga.

Legends According to the legends once sage Jamadagni got disappointed with his wife, Renuka. As a result he ordered his son Parshuram to behead his mother. Parshuram obeyed father's order and killed his mother at the same place. Another legend describes that when king Sahasrarjun was abducting Goddess Renuka, she jumped on the lake which is called today as Renuka Lake.