Renuka Wildlife Sanctuary Sirmour

Renuka Wildlife Sanctuary Nahan

Located in Sirmour District of Himachal Pradesh, Renuka Wildlife Sanctuary is a reserve forest spread over an area of around 4.028 sq km. Around 3 sq km area outside the park has been declared as the buffer zone. The adjacent area of Renuka Wildlife Sanctaury is known among the locals as a highly revered pilgrimage destination. It is for the temples of mother and son duo, this region of Himachal gains high importance among the believers. Being one of the most popular wildlife sanctuaries of the state, Renuka Ji protects rich counts of flora and fauna. The park encloses Renukaji Mini Zoo which is considered to be the oldest zoo in Himachal Pradesh. The zoo was set up in 1983.

Flora and Fauna As per the classification of Wildlife Institute of India (WII), the park falls in the bio-geographical zone IV and houses a mixture of dry mixed deciduous forest and dry sal forest. The forest of this park is covered by mixed crop of Lucinea, Anogeissus, Khair, Terminalia, Carrie, Shisham, Cordia and a certain other varieties of climbers in moist depressions. The variety of fauna in Renuka Wildlife Sanctuary brings sizable population of Samber, Leopard, Spotted Deer, Hare, Barking deer, Jackal, Plam Civet, Jungle cat, Blue jay, Porcupine, Black Partridge, Hill Crow, Drongos, Bulbul, Scarlet Minivet, Green Pigeons, Common Coots.