Rani Tal Nahan, Himachal

Rani Tal Nahan

Located in Sirmaur District of Himachal Pradesh, Rani Tal is a wonderful picnic spot or leisure gaming destination for solo travellers as well as for families. It is a sort of relaxing spot for the local people as well as for those who are in Nahan for spending their holidays. There is a garden near the main lake where one can sit freely and relax. The lake is full of different sizes of fishes. There is a fountain inside the garden which adds to the beauty of this amusement destination. The lake also has turtles and one can easily feed both turtles and fishes. There is a small cave which is supposed to be ended at the King's Palace. People believe that the queen used to come and take bath in this pond. It is for this reason the pond got the name Rani Tal. There is small temple dedicated to Goddess Lata Devi. A statue of Lord Shiva is also found at the edge of the pond.