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Top Tourist Attractions in Sangla

Beautifully nestled in the lap of the Himlayas, Sangla is a scenic and popular hilly area that is located in the Baspa Valley of Kinnaur district, Himachal Pradesh. Situated close to the Tibetan border, Sangla is surrounded by forest slopes and mountains. This valley is located at the distance of 30 km from the Tibetan border and stretches from Karcham where the Baspa River in the east joins Satluj. In Tibetan language, the word 'Sangla' means 'Pass of Light'. The villages in this place feature houses and temples that are built in Kinnauri wood and stone style. The serene Sangla valley is flanked by thick forests of Himalayan cedar and known as an abode to alder, spruce and the unusual birch. The place attracts every tourist with its beautiful temples, gompas, and friendly habitants.

Travelling to Sangla offers one the opportunity to take in the pleasant view of the region dominated by pine nut orchards, cherry trees and apples. The glacial streams and the villages in this region like Karchham, Chitkul and Batseri add charm to its beauty. Not only this, Kamru Fort in this region is also one of the prime attractions of Sangla, which is an ancient fort but now it has been converted into a temple which is dedicated to Goddess Kamakshi. Other attractions of this region include Kanda Trout Farm, Sapni, etc. Moreover, the popular festival 'Fulainch' is also celebrated with zest and many tourists crowd the region during this time to enjoy this annual flower festival.

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