Bering Nag Temple, Sangla

Bering Nag Temple, Sangla Valley

The famous Bering Nag Temple is the prime attraction in Sangla valley, which is visited by large number of people every year, especially between the months of August and September. It is a very important place of worship for Hindus, who visit the temple to attend its famous event the "Fulaich fair", which takes place every year between August and September.

This beautiful temple is dedicated to Lord Jagas, also known as Lord Shiva, whom the local people worship for the wellbeing of the village and its inhabitant. The tourists never miss to visit this exquisite temple destination, which is only a few kilometers away from Sangla. One can easily visit Sangla through a car or bus and then come to Bering Nag Temple, by following a simple trek of few kilometers.