Manali Nature Park

Manali Nature Park

Manali Nature Park

Major Attractions: Rhesus Macaque, Sambar, Black Naped,

Area: 2 km away from Manali, Bhuntar - Ramshila Road, Mohal, Himachal Pradesh

Best Time to Visit: May to October

A small walk in the Manali Nature Park will bring tourists a step closer towards nature. Encircled by large groves of Deodar trees, the wildlife reserve is set on the bank of river Beas and is a pristine nature park.

Don't forget to carry binoculars on a short trip to Manali National Park as this is the place where tourists can spot Himachal's state bird, Manual Pheasant. All thanks to its beauty and the expansive wilderness, the nature park attracts a large number of tourists from across the world.

The park can be easily distinguished from a distant place, just because of its tall cedar and deodar trees. The Manali Nature Park is flanked by many snow-capped mountains. If tourists think that in Manali Nature Park they will find some wild weird animals, then this is just a misconception. Here, you can catch only spot only small birds and mammals.

Nature Park ManaliLike the other animal reserves in Himachal Pradesh, Manali Nature Park is a dense land dotted with Deodar, Kail, Horse chestnut, Walnut and Maple trees which add to its beauty. A cluster of trees reaches the sky and forms a dark canopy which seems like silhouettes of mountains from a distance. Sunrays passing through the giant trees lit up the green pastures instantly.

Want to get a picture clicked with cute and snow white rabbits? Then book your tickets to Manali. While ambling about in the Manali nature park, visitors can get a glimpse of the Musk deer, Monal and Brown bear.

The Manali Nature Park is an educational centre as well; here the authority of the park educates the visitors about the national park and animal behaviour. The plains and landscapes of Manali can rejuvenate and refresh the tourists who wish to take a break from the fast paced life in the plains. The fringe areas of the park facing the river look dramatic.

Manali National Park is an oasis of greenery and an ideal place for varied fauna and flora, a real treat for nature enthusiasts.