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About Rachol Seminary Goa

Reckoned to Asia’s oldest and largest seminary, Rachol Seminary is located in South Goa and is indeed a must-visit. The seminary is situated a short distance away from the bank of River Zuari. It is a 400-year-old seminary with an impressive church to sight. The main attractions of Rachol Seminary are its wall murals.

History of Rachol Seminary

The history of Rachol Seminary states that its foundation stone was laid on 1 November 1606 by Fr. Gaspar Soares. Three years later, on 31 October 1609, the seminary was inaugurated.

Architecture of Rachol Seminary

The architecture of Rachol Seminary is a fine example of Portuguese Baroque style. The corridors and walls of the Seminary are adorned with many frescos and paintings that are valuable and rare. Among these works of art, the paintings (copies) of the celebrated Goan artist Angelo da Fonseca, student of Rabindranath Tagore and pioneer in Indian Christian art, are a must-see.

Major Highlights of Rachol Seminary

  • Wall Murals
  • Paintings by popular artists like Angelo da Fonseca

How to Reach Rachol Seminary?

The Rachol Seminary is situated around 5 km from Margao via Raia - Santimol Rd and Margao – Chandor - Curchorem Rd/Margao – Curtorim - Macasana Rd/St Joaquim Road. One can easily get a taxi or an auto-rickshaw to reach the Rachol Seminary from Margao.

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