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Chapora Beach Goa

Information About Chapora Beach Goa

Bowed in the silhouette of a Portuguese fort on the contrary, Chapora Beach is located on the northern side of the Vagator, which is at the distance of 10 km from Mapusa. It's one of the best beaches of Goa that touches a chord in the heart of tourists with its white sandy unfold, black lava rocks, sapphire expanse, and shaking palms. It's the favourite spot for the one, who love the surf and the sand. It's one of the most cloistered and tranquil beaches in Goa, which brings a lots of shacks and restaurant all around. However, a long walk through Chapora Main Street will simply take you to the past traditional buildings, luxury restaurants, pubs, bars and other stores. One of the best leisure paradises in Goa, Chapora is a cloistered beach and beautiful sight to behold always.

Bordered by green hills, this beach is no doubt a perfect destination for relaxation, fun and entertainment. The atmosphere around the beach is very calm and serene. The seashore offers adventurous water activities, hippy nightlife and famous tourist attractions that fascinate travel explorers from worldwide. However, it's a lovely silvery beach that makes it more peaceful place from other beaches of Goa. It has more or less held back its natural charm and maintained itself on a stingy budget and unceasing efforts of the local habitants. So, if you want a break from hustle and bustle of your city, visit Chapora and have a wonderful time at the beach with delicious sea food to bask upon.

Accommodations Around Chapora Beach

Chapora Beach

No matter, what type of accommodation you are seeking for, Chapora Beach is one of the ideal places to lodge in. There are all ranges of accommodations around the beach for backpackers and honeymoon couples that offer all exclusive facilities with luxury stay. One can easily get resorts, hotels and economical guesthouses near the beach.

Popular Hotels & Resorts in and around Chapora Beach

  • Casa de Olga
  • Shertor Villa
  • Helinda Hotel
  • Santonio Resorts
  • Orzan Heights Beach Resort
  • Leoney Resort Goa
  • Jungle Hostel
  • Ocean Bliss Beach Resort
  • Living Room Goa

Nightlife on Chapora Beach

Chapora Beach Goa

The nightlife of Chapora Beach is very calm and quite different from the hurly burly and chaos of other seashore. Tourists from all over the world visit here to spend some quality time till midnight. There are lots of bars and restaurants made up of palm leaves and woods on the beachside, which always invigorates after sunset. Travellers can visit Small Taverna (bar) for a drink called feni â€" a local brewed cashew and coconut made drink. At night, it becomes a splendid place to rejuvenate. The lively nights at Chapora also offers many dance floors to tourists that add extra fun and entertainment.

Popular Bars, Night Clubs & Restaurants in and around Chapora Beach

  • Sunita Bar
  • The 9 Bar
  • Camlin Bar and Restaurant
  • Sunset Bar and Restaurant
  • Ferms Bar and Restaurant
  • Mango Tree Bar and Restaurant
  • Siddheshwar Darbar Bar and Restaurant
  • Green Bar and Restaurant
  • Nyan Bar
  • Disco Valley
  • 9 Bar
  • Helinda Bar and Restaurant

Top Things to Do on Chapora Beach

Chapora Beach Goa

Water Sports: Tourists and travelers can make their day busy by trying out some water activities like jet skiing, ringo rides, para sailing and wind surfing. Including all these, travelers can also go for crocodile spotting and dolphin watching.

  • Fishing : Chapora Beach in Goa is a small fishing village, situated 10 km from Mapusa in the north of Goa. You'll find some fishers going and returning with fishes. The beach is also a good fishing spot and so you can do fishing over here.
  • Shopping : Walk down in the Chapora Village, if you are in a mood of shopping. You will find a small market that offers stuffs like earthen pots, lamps, spices, to name a few. So, if you are shopaholic, you'll definitely like this place as you will find some shops that offer trinkets, antiques and artifacts at reasonable cost.
  • Eating Out : One who is foodie and looking for delicious sea food can choose little cafes and restaurants on the main street that offers mouth-watering dishes. In fact, the food served at the stalls is also delicious. In short, eating in Chapora is very pleasurable. One can easily find some shacks, beach side restaurants, and hotels around the beach.
  • Other Activities : One who want to enjoy the serenity or soak up in the sun, sunbathing is the best idea. One can also enjoy the picturesque view of sunrise and sunset. Travelers can stay here for long time and enjoy being amidst the arm of nature.

Top Attractions around Chapora Beach

Chapora Beach Goa
  • Chapora Fort : The first and foremost attraction at the Chapora Beach is the glorious Chapora Fort, which was built during Portugal rule. It is located at the mouth of Chapora River and well connected to the Vagator Beach too. It's one of the must-visit places and everyone should go & view the beauty of the old charm that still hangs around here. Once you visit here, it will make you mesmerized as it offers a spellbinding view of the beach.
  • Vagator Springs : Situated at the foothills of North Vagator Beach and at Orzant, it is indeed a mind-blowing tourist attraction that is worth to visit.
  • Chapora Village : Far away from the hustle and bustle of the city, this village is a pleasure to be in. It's a fishing village where you'll get a complete peace of mind and relaxation.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • By Air : Dabolim is the nearest airport to reach Chapora Beach, which is approx.43 km away. From the airport, Panaji is 29 km away and from there it takes 25 minutes (13 km) to reach Chapora.
  • By Rail : The nearest railway station is at Karmali, just 11 km away from Panaji. From Panaji you can hire car or taxi to reach Chapora.
  • By Road : Vagator, which is very close to Chapora is at a distance of 9 km from Mapusa and 22 km from Panaji, the state capital of Goa. Direct buses are always available to Chapora from Panjim and at every fifteen minutes from Mapusa.

November to March. If you are looking for something with more of a pulse, head towards Chapora Beach in Goa and enjoy beach holiday trip in the most beautiful bays, which hold back its charms with a sunset and lights up the heaven. For the exciting deals and offers, you can choose your best holiday package from Tour My India and enjoy your holiday with much pleasure and luxury.

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