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Tibetan Monastery Shopping Market Delhi

A market camouflaged in the chaos of the city, Tibetan Market is the representation of Tibetan culture. The aim of the market is to give a voice to the Tibetan people and this quaint little shopper’s haven is still not known to everybody in the city. A little Tibet in Delhi, the Tibetan market is one of the cheapest and most trendy markets in Delhi. Operated by local Tibetan refugees, the market showcases the beautiful culture and colour of Tibet.

The surprise of knowing this market is not new, even residents of Delhi are not aware of this hidden gem. If you are planning a shopping spree, this is your ideal destination. The market is filled with infinite choices of clothes and accessories. The moment you enter the market, you come across the colourful shops exhibiting irresistible shopping items. Tibetan markets in every city are believed to be the cheapest market and the Monastery market/ Tibetan market of Delhi stands true to that tradition. The market is a shopping hotspot for college students. The clothing range features t-shirts with trendy quotes and trendy bottom wear. The market remains up to date with all the modern fashion trends and the market itself is attributed to starting new trends. The Tibetan market in Delhi also exhibits an amazing range of bags. The collection of handbags and backpacks are one of the best collections in the city. The combination of trendy items with good quality and cheap price makes it one of the best places to shop in Delhi. You can also buy cheap accessories from the Tibetan market. The Tibetan jewellery is also on sale alongside ethnic Indian jewellery. During winters, the collection of Jackets is unique to this market. The amazing collection of Jackets make sure you never go to any other market. Also, the market boasts of one of the best footwear collections in the city. You can buy decent quality boots at a very reasonable price here.

Tibetan market is not just about shopping, it’s an insight into the existing Tibetan culture. Nearby is the famous Majnu Ka Tila. You must explore the Majnu Ka Tila as it serves the best Tibetan food in the city.

Nearest Metro Station

Civil Lines metro station on the Yellow line is the nearest metro station. You can take an auto from the metro station to reach the market.

What is Kamla Nagar Market Famous For

The famous Tibetan Market of Delhi is famous for its infinite range of clothes and accessories. The market sells the latest trending clothes. The bags sold here in the market are believed to be the cheapest in the city. You can also buy winter clothes from the Tibetan market. Also, check out their exclusive collection of footwear.

Timings for Kamla Nagar Market

Open all day of the week from 10 am to 10 pm.

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