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Paharganj Shopping Market Delhi

When the word Paharganj is said most of the people start picturing hotels and lodges, but there is a not so hidden famous market of Delhi. Paharganj is a paradise for shoppers. Located in the bustling streets of Paharganj, lies the infamous market of Paharganj. Just a 5-minute auto ride from Connaught Place, the local street market of Paharganj is the answer to all your shopping desires. Whenever anybody says street markets in Delhi, Janpath and Sarojini Nagar market top the list but Paharganj is no less than those markets.

Paharganj market is not for people with weak guts. The only way to come out on top is to bargain as much as you can, with a poker face. The street markets of Delhi are known for their bargains and Paharganj is no different. Once you enter the main market lane, you will across different variety of shops, ranging from books, clothes, bags to shoes. This market has everything hidden in its not so small tent. For those who are looking to buy new handbags and backpacks, Paharganj has got an exclusive range of exotic bags at a very reasonable price, which can always go down depending upon your shopping skills. The market also showcases the collection of footwear. Be it casual wear, formal shoes or sports shoes you can buy them here. Also, you can buy or rent wedding dresses from Paharganj. Famous for wedding shopping in Delhi, there is always a rush to buy wedding attires. Also, the market has some of the most trendy collection of clothes. You can find t-shirts with quirky quotes and comfortable pyjamas at 200 bucks each. You will find many such shops which sell daily wear clothes at a very cheap price. Moving further you will come across various jewellery stores which sell handcrafted jewellery, bangles and rings at a decent price. These handcrafted items are very popular throughout the markets of Delhi. Guru Handicraft is one of the most famous shops in the market, selling handcrafted emporium. They are not as cheap as other markets but the quality of the products on display is simply amazing. There are also small shops selling second-hand books. You can buy famous fiction novels at half the rate, which is not a bad bargain.

Paharganj market can be best explored on foot, avoid taking rickshaw or auto inside the market. The Paharganj market is one of the most famous markets in Delhi and you must explore each and every corner.  You never know what gems might be hidden in the amazing Paharganj Market.

Nearest Metro Station

The nearest metro station is R.K Ashram on Blue line. It’s walking distance from the metro station to the market.

What is Paharganj Market Famous For:

The market is famous for its wide range of clothing options. Apart from clothes, there are famous jewellery shops and footwear shops. You can also buy cheap handbags and backpacks. If you are hungry, Paharganj has got some of the most amazing cafes in Delhi. Hidden in the streets of Paharganj lies some amazing cafes and restaurants that are worth a visit.

Timings for Paharganj Market

The market remains closed on Monday and opens on the rest of the days from 11 am to 9 pm.

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