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Karol Bagh Shopping Market Delhi

In the West Delhi lies a bustling market by the name Karol Bagh. One of the most famous shopping markets in Delhi, Karol Bagh is a complete deal. A blend of residence and market, every morning the famous market of Delhi opens up to thousands of shoppers looking for a good deal on their purchase. Delhi is famous for its wholesale markets and Karol Bagh is a fine example of it. Usually, when you go to a market you find an only limited category of items but that’s not the case with Karol Bagh. Gaffar market, Karol Bagh main Market and the Book Market are few of the famous markets in Karol Bagh.

The main street of Karol Bagh market starts like a usual market, with items on display on either side. These items are usually flea market clothes - cheap jeans and t-shirts. As you proceed further within the market, you will come across the vastness of this famous Delhi market. There are multiple shops that sell branded clothes at a very cheap price. They call themselves Custom shops. They sell the items that were seized by the customs, which are usually high-end products. You can buy exotic perfumes at a throw-away price.

The next few steps will take you to the Gaffar market. This is one of the most famous electronic markets in Delhi. Want to repair a phone, come to Gaffar. Looking for a second-hand electronic gadget, come to Gaffar, if your iPhone is locked, come to Gaffar. The technicians in Gaffar market can give MIT graduates a rum for their money. They claim they can repair any phone, laptop in the world. Nestled in the Karol Bagh, Gaffar market attracts tech-savvy buyers, looking for cheap deals on phones and laptops. There are also nearby shops selling all kinds of clothes. If you are looking for a destination for wedding shopping in Delhi, Karol Bagh is your stop. If you are looking for branded items, come to Karol Bagh. You can also find jewellery markets in here, majorly operated by Bengali residents of the area.

Apart from clothes, gadgets and accessories, you can also buy books in the Karol Bagh market. Arya Samaj road is famous for its collection of books and they are at a very low price. You can buy the latest fiction novels at 100 bucks each. Karol Bagh also exhibits a collection of handicrafts and handlooms. You can buy handcrafted statues and paintings. One of the most diverse markets in Delhi, Karol Bagh is surely one of the best places for shopping in Delhi.

Nearest Metro Station

Karol Bagh metro station on Blue Line is the nearest metro station.

What is Karol Bagh Famous For

Karol Bagh is one of the busiest markets in Delhi and is famous for its diverse availability of clothing options. You can buy ethnic clothes, daily wear and branded clothes all at once in one place. If you are looking for wedding shopping in Delhi, visit Karol Bagh. The electronic market of Gaffar is also a major attraction for shoppers in Delhi.

Timings for Paharganj Market

The market usually opens around 11 am in the morning and stays alive till 11 in the night.

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