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Fairs & Festivals in Delhi

Crammed with people of all religions and several ethnicities, Delhi's yearly calendar is marked with oodles of eventful fairs and festivals, it's like the celebration doesn't end in the capital city. A year in the city dawns with the warmth of Punjabi festival of Lohri and Hindu festival of Makar Sankranti followed by country's Republic Day when one feels the sense of accomplishment that also beckons a delightful start to an exciting year ahead. Winters also brings with it several fairs like the popular Suraj Kund crafts mela, where shopping for home decor is everyone's favourite thing to do. Comes March, and the city gets enthusiastic about the most colourful festival of India, Holi that makes the spring season even more enjoyable. And before the Gujjiya and Chips prepared during Holi come to an end, another festival of Baisakhi knocks at the door in the city preceded or followed by the Christian festival of Jesus' Resurrection, Easter making the warm spring days even more joyous. Making the heat of the summers in Delhi more tolerable comes to the rescue the holy month of Ramadan, during which the food lovers go gaga. Summers are also perfect for culture buffs to enjoy Festival of Bharat, a tribute to India's culture and civilization that includes a flea market and exhibition, organic food festival, yoga and meditation sessions, music, literature, theater, and so much more. The petrichor beckons a season of romance in the city when piping hot jalebis and pakodas give a good run for money to melt-in-the-mouth ghevar and indulging mangoes.

Monsoon is the time when Delhi apparently enjoys the Mango Festival along with holding celebrations of Janmashtami (Krishna's Birth) as well as Ganesh Chaturthi. So, you see, the sweets and other delicacies flow in the city along with the festival vibes. The top festivals in Delhi hit the calendar during the month of October, right after the monsoon rains stop and the sun gets another chance to shine brightly. Dussehra/ Durga Puja and Diwali prepare the natives and their guests for another round of extravaganza and the city scintillates with lights celebrating the triumph of good over evil. The Ramlila Ground attracts a maximum number of visitors during Dussehra, however, what strikes the most is the small scale Dussehra celebrations in every society park and grounds. Delhi's CR Park gleams during the Durga Puja, and indeed there a no better place to see the Puja Pandals and relish some scrumptious Bengali delicacies for those homesick Bongs and other foodies. November marks the calendar with contemporary events like Trade Fair and Auto Expo, splurging is what this month is dedicated to and in return what the locals get is the unsurpassed inner satisfaction. The two grand celebrations in Delhi - Christmas and New Year ensure that Delhiites get the most memorable year-end with great party deals in almost every restaurant and lounge.

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