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Kamla Nagar Shopping Market Delhi

Located next to the North Campus of Delhi University, Kamla Nagar market is a feast for students looking for cheap shopping markets in Delhi. Not just for students, shoppers from all over the city flock this place, looking to get a cheap bargain on their products. One of the cheapest flea markets in Delhi, Kamla Nagar is a great place to shop for your daily clothing.

Just like any other flea market in Delhi, the final price of an item would depend upon your bargaining skill. The prices usually go by 10-20% while bargaining. The range of clothes is something to look out for. The market is a blend of branded outlets and frill stores. Attracting all kind of shoppers from the city, the major products are aimed to target the youth. Any new trend in the market would be easily available in the stores in Kamla Nagar Market. The frill stores sell clothes, bags, accessories etc. One stop for all shoppers, these shops are a great choice to buy college clothes or daily wear clothes. You can buy a combination of upper wear and lower wear in 500 bucks. Not many markets offer the variety that Kamla Nagar Market boasts of. One of the trendiest markets in Delhi for shopping for clothes, you can find a wide range of bags and backpacks. Shoppers from choosing from usual backpacks to trendy small bags. Also, if you are looking for branded products, the nearby branded outlets would offer you a variety of branded items. You can also find small vendors selling accessories and jewellery. You can find cheap ethnic earrings at a price of 50 bucks. Despite being priced cheaper, the market never compromises on the quality. If you are thinking of shopping in Kamla Nagar market remember that you won’t find trial rooms in the market so once you buy anything you would have to stick to it. Don’t buy anything until you are 100% sure about the item as you can’t try and decide.

Flea Markets in Delhi are heavily biased towards catering exclusively to women and Kamla Nagar market follows the same route. Though you can find some outlets selling both men and women clothing, most of the stalls are exclusively for women shopping. One of the best markets for women shopping in Delhi, Kamla Nagar should be on every shopper’s radar.

Nearest Metro Station

The nearest metro station is Vishwavidyalaya metro station on Yellow Line. You will find e-rickshaws for Kamla Nagar market from the metro station.

What is Kamla Nagar Market Famous For

Kamla Nagar Market like all other urban markets in Delhi is a complete package. You can find every fashion accessory here. Kamla Nagar is famous for its daily wear range. Also, check out the range of bags and shoes. You can find jewellery like earrings and rings.

Timings for Kamla Nagar Market

The market is open from Tuesday to Sunday -- 10 am to 10 pm.

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