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Connaught Place Shopping Market Delhi

When it comes to shopping in Delhi, there is no better place than the shopping hub of Delhi, Connaught Place. Referred to as CP, thousands of people flock to the heart of Delhi to shop, hang out with friends or just spend some time in the nearby monuments. The circular design, which has become world famous, was proposed by W.H.Nicholls. Connaught Place is a circular designed structure housing some of the most famous International brands. As of 2017, Connaught Place was the 9th costly place to rent in the world. This is the testament of the popularity of the market.

Within the complex of Connaught Place, lies the Connaught circles. The Structure is categorized into three parts - Inner Circle, Middle Circle and Outer Circle. The Inner circle is the best place to shop in Delhi. Usually, a costly market like CP would be believed to cater to just elite class but Connaught Place is the blend of old and new, brands and flea markets. Within the Connaught Place lies the famous Palika Bazar.

Once you start walking in the inner circle, you will find the store of every brand. Be it traditional Indian shops like Khaki India, Garha Bhandar, Fabindia or high-end store outlets of famous international brands. While walking around, you would come across various independent people selling knock-off of traditional jewellery. In a place like Connaught Place, you wouldn’t expect to stumble upon such small shops. They don’t own a shop, they just set up their shop where ever they find the space to do so. These small shops exhibit handcrafted bags, jewellery, rings, bed sheets, statues. You would have to bargain with them to get a decent deal. The three circles of CP are famous for a different purpose, with Inner circle serving as the major market in CP.  One of the trendiest markets in Delhi, CP has always been the top choice for people looking to shop in Delhi. With a blend of flea markets and fancy outlets, the famous market of Delhi, CP attracts buyers from all over the city. There are also numerous small markets nearby CP like Shankar Market and Gol market. Also, the famous Janpath market is within the walking distance.

Nearest Metro Station

The nearest Metro station is Rajiv Chowk Metro Station on Blue Line.

What is Connaught Place Market Famous For:

The Connaught Place market is a blend of high-end shops to cheap flea markets. You can check out the stores of the various brands in the Inner circle. You can find stores for wedding shopping in Delhi. Also, check out the famous Palika Bazar in the Connaught Place. There are also nearby markets like Janpath, Shankar Market etc. CP also boasts a huge variety of Cafe and Bars in Delhi. All in all, Connaught Place market is a complete deal in itself.

Timings for the Connaught Place Market

The market usually opens around 11 am in the morning and goes on until 11 in the night.

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