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Heritage Tourism in Delhi

Festooned with the evidence of glorious history, Delhi is one of the best cities for a heritage tour in India. Believed to has been inhabited continuously since 6th Century BC, the city is indeed replete with a history of many kingdoms that have come and reigned. The city boasts witnessing the rule of Qutub-ud-Din Aibak to Alauddin Khalji to Babur to Sher Shah Suri to Babur and further descendants of Mughal dynasty, and thus, it has a plethora to offer to its visitors who come here with an appetite to satiate on countr'y glorious history. With each ruling dynasty and era, Delhi was adorned with monuments that the city has been able to maintain till date. The charm of these historical places can be relished in heritage walks in Delhi where one has the chance to meet and greet some commendable pieces of architecture ranging from Qutub Minar to the slightly more contemporary Akshardham Temple.

A large variety of monuments carves the silhouette of Delhi, where on one side stands the majestic Red Fort, on the other lies the graceful Ugrasen ki Baoli. And where the elegant Jama Masjid stuns one on a heritage sightseeing tour, the scenic and lush Lodi Garden does its best to satiate the photographer in you. Delhi is also home to some of the top UNESCO World Heritage Sites including Humayun's Tomb which is said to be the inspiration for the iconic Taj Mahal. Adding more to the charm of Delhi are its heritage markets like Khari Baoli, that have stood the test of time to become one of city's oldest markets. The city, however, is not only about well-maintained monuments, there lie some edifices in ruins that are unnoticed but exude the same charm and elegance like the popular ones. A good heritage travel guide, therefore, covers both the famous and lesser-known historical places for an experience that is to be remembered for a lifetime.

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