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Palika Bazaar Shopping Market Delhi

In the business capital of Delhi, lies a market like no other in the city. Palika Bazar, the most famous market in Delhi is a paradise for every shopper in the city. An underground market in the Connaught Palace, the world beneath the surface will surprise you with the variety of options to choose from. Be it electronic gadget, clothes, accessories or lifestyle products, everything is available. The moment you enter the underground market you will be greeted by a hoard of shopkeepers yelling about their shops and products, hoping to attract buyers.

Notoriously known for its extensive bargaining, you can buy a bag at 300 bucks whose initial price might be 3000. This market tests your bargaining skills, you can’t reveal your cards. It’s like poker in there, you need to call their bluff and have a perfect poker face. There are various articles about the bargaining tactics that can be used to get a deal suited for you. The most important thing to remember about Palika market is that don’t buy instantly, take time to explore all the options. Chances are you will find a better deal at some other shop. Palika market is famous for its range of clothing. Daily wear clothes are available as cheap as 100 bucks. You can buy a pair of t-shirt and a lower in 500 bucks. Other than clothes, Palika also boasts of its gaming shops. You can buy gaming consoles and a copy of your favourite game at a give-away price. The items on display changes as per demand and season, so whatever is trending in the market would definitely be available in the Palika market. The aggressive marketing of shopkeepers and cheap prices are something unique to this market of Delhi. There are no trial rooms in Palika market so you have to be absolutely sure about your choice and size. Also, beware of your items, it’s better to be cautious and aware in such crowded places.

For markets like Palika, bargaining is the mantra and if bargaining doesn’t work, try walking a few steps away from the shop. There are high chances the shopkeeper would reduce the price. Palika is one such market in Delhi where you can buy trendy clothes and accessories for the cheapest deal.

Nearest Metro Station

Rajiv Chowk Metro on Blue and Yellow Line is the nearest metro station to Palika Bazar. The Gate number 6 is the nearest exit gate.

What is Palika Bazar Famous For:

Palika Bazar is one of the most famous markets in Delhi and there isn’t a thing you wouldn’t find here. Clothes are sold for a very cheap price. You can get deodorants and perfume for half the original price. You can buy accessories like belts, earrings, watch, shoes etc. Bags and handbags are also sold at a decent price but you can always bargain. You can also buy jackets and coats from Palika Bazar.

Timings for the Connaught Place Market

Closed on Sunday and Monday, Palika opens up around 10 am and closes around 8 pm.

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