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Pilgrimage Tourism in Delhi

Delhi is a city of many shades, from the bustling modern city life to quaint pilgrimage, from modern skyscrapers to cultural heritage. If you plan a Delhi sightseeing tour, the itinerary would include a taste of every aspect of the beautiful city. Delhi is one of the best cities in India for a spiritual odyssey, with the religious pilgrimage of all major religions being the highlight of the city. Delhi isn't new to welcoming religious tourists, looking to delve into spirituality and religious sanctity of the city. Every year thousands of tourists from all across the country and the globe visit the beautiful city to experience the bliss that this city is. From Gurudwara, temple, masjid to spiritual pilgrimage spot of every major religion, Delhi has it all.

Gurudwara Bangla Sahib is Delhi's most famous tourist spot. A Sikh pilgrimage site, today, Gurudwara has become more of a tourist spot. People of all religions are welcomed here and all of them are treated equally in the eyes of the god. Similarly, Hindu temples like Iskcon and Akshardham have now become a popular tourist spot with being a pilgrimage site. There are also various Hindu pilgrimage sites like Birla Mandir and Hanuman Mandir which serve as an important religious destination in Delhi.

People from all religion from all parts of the globe come to these holy sites to experience the culture, traditions and practices of the concerned religion. Jama Masjid and Hazrat Nizamuddin are two of the most visited pilgrimage sites in Delhi and there is something unique about these places. The peace, solitude and tranquillity you find amidst all the chaos is something no other tourist spots can offer. Moving from a particular religion, these pilgrimage destinations in Delhi have opened their gates to humanity, pledging to serve humankind. If you ever visit these pilgrimage spots, your personal belief won't be questioned and you could simply soak in the serenity of the holy sites.

There are also various Jain pilgrimage and Buddhist pilgrimage in Delhi. If you visit North Delhi, you will find Buddhist monks practising their own beliefs in the solitude of their Buddhist pilgrimage sites. Being a land of diverse culture and tradition, pilgrimage tourism in Delhi has become a cultural and religious epicentre of Delhi tourism. People from all religious beliefs coexist in the city, sharing each others cultural and religious practices.

Popular Pilgrimage Tourism in Delhi

  • Hindu Pilgrimage

    Delhi has numerous famous Hindu pilgrimage sites, ranging from the famous Iskcon temple, Akshardham temple to the popular Hanuman Mandir. Delhi, known for its diversity, today serves as the epicentre of many religions. Hindu temples are a common site in the city, with thousands of devotees practising their faiths in these temples. Read more

  • Muslim Pilgrimage

    Next to Hinduism, Islam is the second most followed religion and this is reflected in the presence of numerous Muslim Pilgrimage sites. Jama Masjid and Hazrat Nizamuddin Dargah are two of the most visited pilgrimage sites in Delhi. These Muslim pilgrimage sites in Delhi have opened their gates to serving humanity above all. Read more

  • Jain Pilgrimage

    Jain is one of the most followed religion in India and this is evident in the presence of several Jain pilgrimages all across Delhi. A religion of peace, Jain pilgrimage sites attracts visitors from all across the globe, looking to soak in the tranquillity of the famous Jain pilgrimage sites in Delhi. Read more

  • Christian Pilgrimage

    Delhi is a land of diversity, which makes it a testament of our unity in diversity. One of the most followed religions in India, Christianity has some of the most famous Christian pilgrimage sites in Delhi. Visit any part of Delhi and you would find a quaint and serene Church, with its gates open to people of diverse faiths. Read more

  • Buddhist Pilgrimage

    A religion which originated in India and gained followers from all across the globe, Buddhism makes its presence felt in the chaotic city. Propagating its preachings of peace and togetherness, the Buddhist pilgrimage sites are one of the most visited pilgrimage sites in Delhi. Read more

  • Sikh Pilgrimage

    Due to its close proximity to states of Punjab, a major part of the residents in Delhi practice the Sikh religion. Delhi is also home to one of the most sacred Sikh pilgrimage site in India, Gurudwara Bangla Sahib. Gurudwara is a testament of kindness and humility of the Sikh religion. Read more

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