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Amusement Waterpark in Delhi

Delhi isn't just about monuments, heritage and shopping; Delhi is an adventure ride. Known for being an adrenaline ride, Delhi excursion usually ignores one of the most important things to do in Delhi, Amusement Waterpark extravaganza. One of the most popular adventure activities to do in Delhi, the amusement waterparks often during the scorching heat, provides an instant relief with a good dosage of adrenaline pump. Located in all the four corners of the city, these amusement parks have gone onto be a major hit amongst the locals. Apart from locals, these waterparks welcome guests visiting the vast city of Delhi.

One of the most kid-friendly destinations in Delhi, Amusement waterparks in Delhi NCR offer the best of experiences to your little one. A mix of rides and swings and water slides, the amusement parks stand true to its name, amusement. Be it a kid or a grown-up, one simply can't resist the fun these parks have to offer.

One of the most famous amusement waterparks in Delhi is the famous Adventure Island, located in Rohini. Adventure Island, just like the name suggests, is an adventure carnival. Apart from waterpark, the Island also boasts of its other adventure activities. On the opposite end of Delhi lies the famous Worlds of Wonder in Noida, Delhi NCR. One of the largest amusement parks in Delhi, Worlds of Wonder attract thousands of visitors every month. During peak summers, these Waterparks are one of the most crowded places in Delhi. Apart from water slides and swings, these waterparks give you an opportunity to enjoy a family trip with your loved ones.

There are numerous Amusement waterparks in all parts of Delhi. Some are famous, same provide you with the basic waterpark adventure. But overall, these amusement waterparks are one of the best ways to beat the scorching Delhi heat.

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