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Greater Kailash Shopping Market Delhi

Greater Kailash is one of the most elite society in the South Delhi and this would lead people to think that the markets in Greater Kailash would be equally costly. But the reality is far more different. The famous M Block market in Greater Kailash is one of the best markets in Delhi for shopping of Clothes. But the Greater Kailash market is not about high-end store outlets. M Block market in Greater Kailash I is a blend of roadside stalls and international brands’ outlet.

The moment you enter the market you would be welcomed by local stores, exhibiting their extensive lines of clothing and accessories. They are not as cheap as other flea markets but they are a good bargain. You can buy a decent dress in 600 bucks. The M Block in itself is a paradise for shoppers with its diverse range. Just like any other flea market in Delhi, bargaining is the key to getting a good deal while shopping in Greater Kailash market. You can also find a good bag at just 1000 bucks and the quality of bags are surprisingly good and they are durable.

Shopping markets in Delhi like the M Block market are known for their diverse range of products and there are some famous shops where you can buy shoes and boots at just 1000 bucks. Considering their excellent build and quality, it seems to be an excellent deal. Also, if you are looking for a fancy phone covers for your phone, head out to M Block Market, as they exhibit some of the most quirky and cool phone covers.

A patent of M Block market, you can buy some amazing customized earrings and necklace at just 100 bucks. The shopkeepers would customize the colour as per your need. M Block market is a complete package, whatever you need for your day to day life, M Block Market is there for you. If you are planning for party shopping, the clothing range at M Block market would offer you some of the best designs in the city.

Nearest Metro Station

Kailash Colony on Violet Line is the nearest metro station.

What is Greater Kailash Market Famous For:

M Block Market in Greater Kailash I is famous for its extensive choice of clothing. You can also buy shoes and bags at a reasonable price. If you are looking for trendy phone covers, M Block market is an ideal choice for you. You can also buy jewellery and earrings from roadside vendors.

Timings for Greater Kailash Market

The market opens up around 11 am and closes around 9 pm. The market is closed on Monday.

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