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Khan Market Delhi

One of the costliest retail locations in India, Khan Market surely isn’t your everyday market. Located in the plush area of Central Delhi, close to India Gate, Khan Market attracts some of the richest in the city. If Khan market was to be described in one word, it would be ‘sophisticated’.

Khan market is one of the best places to eat in Delhi, with its never-ending lanes of trendy cafes and restaurants. Khan market is a reflection of the luxury neighbourhood. The restaurants serve lip-smacking food, fused with a soothing ambience. Restaurants like Mamagoto, Smokehouse Deli, Perch Wine and Coffee Shops and Big Chill serve as a major attraction. The Cafes and restaurants are a bit on the expensive side but the food they serve compensate for the price. If you are looking for a trendy place to hang out with friends in Delhi, Khan Market is your go-to spot.

In the U-shaped Khan Market, you will find numerous shops with expensive brand names on display. The store outlets provide you with all your fashion needs, ranging from daily use clothes to the fancy fashion trend you have been eying for. One of the best place for luxury shopping, Khan Market entices with its sensible fashion trends. The odds of you finding your favourite brand outlet is 100:1. Khan market caters to all your shopping desires.

No market in Delhi would be complete without vendors selling cheap accessories and jewellery. Contrasting to the elite and luxury shopping outlets, the streets of Khan market are usually flocked by local vendors selling cheap items to buy. They are usually selling handmade jewellery or cheap items of clothing.

Whatever might be on your shopping bucket list, the chances of you finding those items are high in the Khan Market. Apart from being an ideal shopping destination in Delhi, Khan market is also one of the best places to hang out with your friends.

Nearest Metro Station

Khan Market metro station on Violet Line of Delhi Metro is the nearest metro station to Khan Market.

What is Khan market Famous For:

Khan market is one of the plushest markets in Delhi. Khan market is majorly famous for its infinite range of cafes and restaurants. Apart from hangout places, there also various store outlets of major clothing brands in India.

Market Timings

The Khan market opens up around 10 am and closes around 11 pm. The market remains open on all days except Sunday.

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