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South Extension Shopping Market Delhi

The South Extension Market is one of the most sought-after markets in Delhi. Situated on either side of the Ring Road, which runs throughout the Delhi, the market is easily accessible from all parts of the city. The South Extension Market is divided into two blocks, South Extension I and South Extension II. Both the markets of South Extensions have some of the biggest Indian and international brands’ store outlet and there is not a single clothing item you won’t find here. South Extension markets are one of the most popular markets in Delhi and you can choose from a wide range of clothing items to fancy footwear.

If there is one thing the markets of South Extension ensure, it is the supreme quality of items. There are several small shops and famous brand outlets from where you can shop in South Extension. If you are thinking of wedding shopping or party shopping, the South Extension markets are the place for you. There are various outlets like Ebony, Big Jo’s, Hopps that offer a wide range of clothing options. The famous store outlet of ‘Study By Janak’ is also present in the South Extension market. Study By Janak specialises in Formal suits, Business Suits, Wedding dresses, Sherwani. The South Extension markets capture the emotion of shoppers perfectly, with being up to date with all the fashion trends. Every Pop culture clothing brands are available in the markets. The markets of South Extension are famous for high-end shopping outlets and it is not just limited to clothes. South Extension Markets also have numerous Electronic store outlets, so whatever new electronic gadget or item you need just head out to South Extension markets on either side of the ring. There are also famous jewellery outlets like Tanishq, Mehrasons Jewellery Store and BG’s. So if you are looking for a market for wedding shopping in Delhi, South Extension offers all the items on your wedding items’ list.

One of the trendiest markets in Delhi, South Extension has grown to be a new hotspot for youth, looking for cafe and bars to chill with friends. Markets in South Extension have some of the best cafes in Delhi. So, if you want to relax after shopping in South Extension markets, just head out to one of the numerous cafes and have a cup of coffee and bite on some snacks.

Nearest Metro Station

The nearest metro station is the South Extension metro station on the Pink Line of the Delhi Metro.

What is South Extension Market Famous For

South Extension markets are famous for its branded store outlets. Whichever brand you need, South Extension will offer it to you. Apart from that, South Extension is the perfect Wedding shopping market in Delhi. You can also shop for electronics in the various outlets present in the South Extension markets.

Timings For South Extension Market

The market is open from Tuesday to Sunday. The timings for shops vary but most of them open by 11 am and close around 9 pm in the night.

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