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Janpath Shopping Market Delhi

The word literally translates to the road for people and the market of Janpath aptly fits this translation. Delhi is known for its markets - cheap and expensive and Janpath is just another jewel in its crown. Situated very close to CP, Janpath market offers every style of clothing. Be it traditional Gujarati attire or Tibetan knockoffs, Janpath welcomes you with its open arms and bustling shops. One of the most famous markets in Delhi, Janpath witnesses shoppers visiting from all over the place. Janpath attracts foreign tourists who are looking to buy traditional Indian clothes and artefacts. The Janpath market is as diverse as it gets, with heritage shops being the major attraction of the Janpath market. If you start walking along the Janpath market you will come across many various hidden markets which sell handloom items as well. Janpath has many small markets within its main market like the Gujarati market and Tibetan Market. A testament of the diversity of India, Janpath market in Delhi is a blend of traditional market and modern clothing market. Shopkeepers are always chirping in the market, yelling the price of items in an attempt to attract buyers. This is a common sight in such urban markets in Delhi.

There is a small little Tibetan Market hidden in the vast Janpath market. They usually sell knock-off jewellery at throwaway prices. You can get traditional rings, necklace, wooden artefacts, glass artefacts, statues of all forms and sizes and traditional Tibetan paintings. You can also buy the Tibetan flag. You would have to hone your bargaining skills if you want cheap deals here. Also, Tibetan market is one of the best places to Shop in Delhi.

Nearby lies a Gujarati Market, at the end of Tibetan market in Janpath. It can be easily distinguished from other shops because of its vibrant colours of clothing. Under a canopy of trees, you will find Gujarati women selling brightly coloured pillows, handbags, bags, bed sheets, Kurta. Resonating with the Gujarati vibrant culture, these Gujarati handicrafts are a major attraction in the famous market of Delhi, Janpath.

In the heart of Janpath market lies the flea market of Janpath. One of biggest attraction in Delhi, the flea market is the place you should be if you are looking for day to day clothing options. Shouting shopkeepers, yelling the prices of items in a self-composed song is a patent Delhi experience. Chances are you might find knock-off Zara and Reebok here. Again, a test of your bargaining skills, you can get very cheap deals here.

Janpath Market in Delhi can’t be done having a planned route. You need to let your heart guide you in the famous market of Delhi. Whatever might be your budget, the famous market of Delhi, Janpath will send you back with a bag full of items. So if you are looking for a taste of shopping in Delhi then head out to one of the trendiest markets in Delhi.

Nearest Metro Station

The nearest metro station to Janpath Market is Janpath Metro Station.

What is Palika Bazar Famous For:

For Janpath Market is one of the most crowded markets in Delhi because of its wide variety of availability of items. The street filled with emporium shops is a major shopping attraction in Delhi. The flea market is one of the best places to shop in Delhi if you have a budget crunch. The main market offers statue and tradition artefacts that will fit in with the decor of your house. Also, Janpath boasts of numerous fancy Cafes, you can check them out too.

Market Timings

The market opens up around 11 am and goes on until 10 in the night. The best time to come here however is after 1 am.

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