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Adventure Tourism in Delhi

The capital city knows how to charm anyone and everyone with its many blessed tourism attractions. And when it comes specifically about adventure tourism in Delhi, then its travellers are in for a ride as there are not some but many tourist places in and around Delhi that can win hearts in an instant. From rock climbing, mountaineering, paintballing, motorised paragliding to amusement and adventure parks which bring together all the fun rides and activities together, Delhi has it all.

And no matter if you are planning a picnic with family, going out with friends, planning an adventurous time with your loved ones or a corporate trip, these adventure places in Delhi can fill in for everything that you are looking out for. Besides, one doesn't really have to leave the city on the lookout for adventures even if on a budget as the capital city is dotted with many adventure tourist attractions for its inhabitants and travellers from across the globe.

Explore Adventure Activities in Delhi

  • Paintball Adventure

    Paintballing is the new age adventure that is taking Delhi by storm and painting the city with vibrant colours. This adventure sport is best enjoyed with family or friends to have a joyful time.

  • Rock Climbing

    The capital city doesnt fail to surprise its admirers as it also offers places where adventure lovers can quench their thirst for rock climbing without travelling to other travel destinations in and around India.

  • Trampoline Parks

    The capital city now welcomes everyone who craves to rekindle their childhood memories one out of which was jumping on the trampoline. Whether it be the weekdays or the weekends they can rejoice at the Trampoline parks in Delhi.

  • Amusement Parks

    Amusement parks in Delhi are like a key to the treasure of some really fun experiences packed in one place for family and friends. The parks offer a plethora of activities like go-karting, water and thrilling rides.

  • Motorized Paragliding

    Conquer the sky with one of the finest motorized paragliding adventures in Delhi. Basically, a small automobile is attached to a parachute and all that its rider has to do is to sit back and have a good time.

  • Mystery Rooms

    The concept of this adventure activity set up in fictional locations seems simple but actually takes teamwork to land you out in reality. Sooner the team solves the riddles and puzzles using clues and strategies the sooner the objective is achieved.

  • Adventure Parks

    These parks in and around Delhi are perfect for picnics, corporate trips as they offer the perfect mix of adventure activities like pit jump, Burma bridge, wall climbing to name a few.

  • Go-Karting

    Taking the craze for driving to another level, Delhi puts together the best of Go Karting escapades for everyone who wants to sweep away from the crowded streets of the city.

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