7 Destinations That You Must Visit Before Turning 30

7 Destinations That You Must Visit Before Turning 30
Last Updated: August 2, 2019

I always wonder why birds stay in the same place when they can fly anywhere on the Earth. Then I ask myself the same question.

So accurately this quote from Harun Yahya reflects the present condition of most of you. No? You spent most of your teenage studying, roaming the nearby roads and lurking close to the house of that girl you had a crush on. And when you had some free days during vacations, you squandered it by watching TV and porn sometimes. You never really thought of a world that exists outside your private bubble. By the time you were done with your college, you had only one or two trips to talk about; and those trips were not enough to satiate your thirst for traveling. And when you entered a corporate world after your college, you found yourself surrounded with people who breathed, ate and drank work, work & work. So, one fine day, you looked outside your office window only to think “If I could go beyond those mesmeric mountains; If could dangle my feet in the gurgling streams of that crystal-clear river; If I could rest amid the swaying trees of that green valley”. And it has been years, you are still stuck in the same place, yearning for vacationing at a place famous for its snow-capped hills, verdant landscapes and rejuvenating weather. And guess what, you are aging. Yes, you are aging and you have still not explored the most wondrous landmasses of this planet. But, ladies and gentlemen, before you turn 30, you have to take out time to explore some splendid destinations. I wrote ‘before 30’, because I believe that energy, zeal and time develop a serious disliking for you when you reach that age. This is the truth guys! Life hits us bad. Anyway, here are those destinations:

1. Ladakh – A Picturesque Land Beyond Himalayas


What makes Ladakh a favored destination of young guns is the presence of trekking routes that guarantee adrenaline rush. Zanskar, Padam Darcha, Frozen River and Rupshu Valley are some of those treks. Another reason is the opportunity of biking through the valley while marveling at the creations of nature around. Petrifying mountain passes, less air and dearth of resources often make biking trips challenging and that is why such trips are only recommended for young, wild & adventure-seeking spirits.

2. Kashmir – The Brightest Gem In The Crown Of India


Kashmir, with its awe-inspiring natural charm, is, of course, the brightest gem in the crown of India. But hey, are you going there just to sit back and admire nature like old people do? Common guys, you are not even 30. Go, hunt adventure and feed it to your reckless soul. Make the most of the camping, mountaineering, rafting & trekking opportunities in the region. You could also think about skiing if you are in or around Gulmarg during the months of December and January.

3. Goa – The Beaches, the Booze, and Your Carefree Spirit


Now I don’t need to mention why every under-30 guy should visit Goa. Oh, so you want me to mention? Great! Goa introduces you to the REAL FUN. Hey, don’t give me that fishy smile. Real fun means majestic beaches, exciting water sports, spectacular sunset, beach volleyball and amazing food. Did I miss something? Oh, sorry booze lovers. Forgot to state that Goa serves a large & exotic variety of alcohol with feni (local produced liquor) being the most popular one. And please don’t consume too much of it, else you will miss staring that girl your friends were going gaga over or that boy whose abs have earned him a number of admirers. Always remember that Goa might not be an incredible town but it has all the elements to make your sojourn incredibly incredible.

4. Darjeeling – A New Hub of Adventurers


Don’t be surprised by the inclusion of Darjeeling in this list. Though it is a calm & laid-back town, it offers electrifying adventures, ranging from mountain biking and rock climbing to paragliding and kayaking. And no thrill seeker would want to miss white water rafting on Teesta River. Flowing down the valley, this bubbling river will put you across different grades of rapids whilst providing many opportunities to marvel at the flora and fauna of the region.

5. Solang Valley, Manali – The Abode of Adventures


Visiting Solang Valley means entering a world where adventure is eaten, adventure is breathed and adventure is drunk. From skiing and parachuting to skating and horse riding, you can quench your thirst for adventure through any of the outdoor activities. Zorbing deserves a special mention here as it is a very unique outdoor activity wherein a person rolls down the hill inside an orb, which is a large hollow ball made of transparent plastic. Though it is somewhat risky, the excitement involved makes it worth trying. Adventures relished at this valley with your closest buddies will surely give you memories for lifetime. And you can always renew those memories by again planning a tour to the valley with same friends and with the same craziness.

6. Rishikesh – Your Gateway To Thrill


“I should have come to this place in my 20s”. This is what most of the uncles think while staring at the group of young rafters from the shores of Ganges. And they are right because that is the only time when you have the energy to match the spirit of adventures like kayaking, bungee jumping and rafting in Rishikesh. Such adventures are more of a task when you try to relish them in your 40s and their real taste can only be savored by untamed wanderers.

7. Kerala – Quaint and Charming


The reason why I am including Kerala in this list is that there is a group of under-30 that feels happier amid the incredible creations of nature. And Kerala seems to be a perfect destination for them. Adorned with placid backwaters, tall swaying trees, and dense forests, it offers quantum of solace and presents ambiance that is sure to rejuvenate tired minds. And in case the adventurer sleeping within these under-30s wakes up and demands its yearly dose, then they can always head towards Kozhikode for savoring parasailing or towards Trivandrum for paragliding.

These seven destinations are what I think one should visit before turning 30. And I guess most of the young spirits would agree with me. And let me know if you think I missed out your favourite landmass for losing yourself in the arms of thrill.

Published: 03 Jun, 2014
Gaurav Mahajan


Gaurav is a social media marketer who spends most of his time reading about travel and travellers. His inclination towards traveling takes him to different corners of India, which gives him a chance to share the vacationing experience with like-minded people. He currently works with Tour My India that specialises in satisfying the travel thirst of globetrotters. You can follow this agency on Facebook and Twitter

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