Watersfall in Madhya Pradesh

Waterfalls in Madhya Pradesh

Watersfalls in Madhya Pradesh

Reckoned as the heart of India, Madhya Pradesh has been the best example of nature's beauty. History, Art and Culture is not the only reasons for which Madhya Pradesh is famous, there are some cascading beauties as well that lures nature enthusiasts in large numbers. Waterfall of Madhya Pradesh is as vivacious as its culture. The cascading beauties of Madhya Pradesh make one understand the real meaning of the quote said by an anonymous 'Live like a waterfall, free and wild.'

The scenic beauty of these waterfalls is opulent; its everlasting scenery makes all these places favorite of photography lovers and nature enthusiasts. So, the tourist is a nature lover then they should make their way to these cascades. Waterfalls of Madhya Pradesh are in full swing during the monsoon season as the heavy downpour fills the waterfalls to the brim. Diversity is synonymous to Madhya Pradesh; the dynamic state is a surreal land that has captivated the hearts of many tourists.

Watersfalls, Madhya Pradesh

North, South, East, West, Madhya Pradesh has a sizeable number of waterfalls. One of the most among them all is the Dhuandhar. The water curves show it unique faces in different seasons. During the months of monsoon, the water rapids turn ferocious while in summer, the look is different as one can see beautiful crevasses the water has carved into the limestone. Keoti Falls in Rewa district is yet another charming white water shower that Madhya Pradesh has in its kitty. The formation waterfall is evoking and spellbinding. Bahuti is the largest waterfall in Madhya Pradesh. What makes this cascade special is not its length but its surroundings beauty that is spectacular to experience.

See below for the list of waterfalls that can be seen on holiday in Madhya Pradesh. On a next holiday to Madhya Pradesh, do visit Madhya Pradesh waterfalls, especially in monsoon when nature is evergreen as always and water rapids are vehement.

Mentioned below are some of the renowned waterfalls that can be seen in Madhya Pradesh

Name Height Location
Bhoora Khon Waterfall 82.021 fr (25 m) Shivpuri
Gangulpara Tank and Waterfall   Balaghat
Bahuti Falls (Highest waterfall in Madhya Pradesh) 466 ft(142 metres) Rewa
Kapildhara Waterfalls 100 ft (30.48 m) Anuppur
Lilahi Waterfall/Dhanora Falls   Chhindwara
Pandav Falls 98 ft (30 metres)  Panna
Pawa Waterfalls   Pohri
Raneh Falls  98 ft(30 m)  Chhatarpur
Sanakua Waterfalls   55 kms from Bhind
Shambhudhara Waterfalls 114 ft (35 m) Anuppur
Sultangarh  Waterfall   Shivpuri
Tincha Falls 300 ft (90.04) Indore
Dugdhdhara Waterfalls 10 ft (3.048 m) Amarkantak
Chachai Falls  427 ft (130 m) Rewa
Gatha Falls  300 ft (91 m)  Panna
Keoti Falls  427 ft (130 m) Rewa
Rajat Prapat  350 ft (110 m) Hoshangabad district
Patalpani Falls  200 ft (61 m) Borkhedi
Dhuandhar Falls 98 ft (30 m)  Jabalpur
Purwa Falls 230 ft(70 m)  Rewa