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Dhar Travel & Tourism Guide, Madhya Pradesh

Dhar Fort, Madhya Pradesh


Once a prominent region of Mughal of Delhi, Dhar is now one of the most popular tourist destinations of Madhya Pradesh, visited by thousands of tourists every day. This captivating city used to be the capital of Malwa until Mandu became a prime centre. Packed with amazing tourist attractions such as forts, ancient structures, old temples & mosque, waterfalls, and streams, Dhar lure tourists with its architectural wonder and stunning natural beauty. People often plan their trip to Dhar to enjoy its remarkable surrounding comprising barren hills, old ramparts, and historical buildings.

With more and more tourists getting attracted towards this place, tourism in Dhar is picking up height. It is offering people an enjoyable and appreciated atmosphere to spend their holidays in the most blissful manner. Dhar is located around 53 km away from Mhow and is 908 feet above sea level; its cultural and historical splendor leaves tourists astonished and delightful on the same hand.


The Dhar town was founded by the Parmar King Bhuj, who ruled the town in the 11th century. Unfortunately, the king had to leave the city after defeats in several battles against enemies, but the members of his dynasty conquered the town back again in the year 1732 and ruled Dhar for a long time. Dhar is ruled by several rulers, including Sultans of Delhi during the Mughal Period and it was their prime centre till the revolt of 1857 happened.

There are so many places that make Dhar an interesting destination to visit and one such place is Bhoj Shala, which is actually a mosque, but is termed as Bhoj Shala because King Bhoj, who built this structure, was the great lover of literature. He was also an author of a number of works on poetics and literature, and some of his inscriptions are engraved on the walls of the building. Lath Masjid and Bagh Caves are other popular destinations in Dhar that offers amazing experience to the tourists, who visit the town from around the world.

Interesting facts

  • Dhar is ruled by different dynasties, however the dynasty of Parmar King Bhuj was most popular and it ruled the region for a very long time
  • Dhar is located 559 m above sea level and is surrounded by lakes and hills
  • The people of Dhar have great interest in arts, paintings, sculpture, music, and dance, due to its rich cultural past
  • Bagh Caves of Dhar are famous for its cave paintings, that are believed to be around thousands year old from the Gupta period
  • There are many ancient buildings in the city that speak about the love story of Baaz Bahadur and Roopmati, who were very much in love. There are forts, buildings and even dance forms and music, inspired by these two lovers

Things to Do and See in Dhar

  • One can visit Bhoj Shala, one of the most popular tourist destinations in Dhar, which offers a unique experience to the tourists, who like to explore the cultural heritage of Dhar
  • Dhar Fort is another historical monument in the capital of the legendary King Bhoj that tourists can visit to explore the magnificent beauty of Dhar
  • Visit the famous at Masjid or Pillar Mosque in Dhar to explore the architectural splendor of the mosque, built by Dilawar Khan in 1405
  • One can also visit the beautiful Bagh Caves, in the Kukshi area of Dhar district, to see trace the pictorial art and rock-cut architecture of India
  • Tourists can also visit Dhar Museum to check number of sculptures and antiquities of ancient time
  • Other popular attractions that tourists may visit during their holidays in Dhar includes Tomb of Shaykh Changal, Kamal Maula Campus, Cenotaphs and Old City Palace, Jhira Bagh Palace, etc.

Where to Stay in Dhar

Dhar city has several accommodation options, both luxury and budget that offer a convenient stay to guests and fulfill all their requirements. So, staying is never a problem in Dhar and tourists are absolutely happy to visit this amazing destination, which reflects a rich culture of ancient India. Some good options to stay in Dhar include the following:

  • Hotel Yashika Palace
  • Malwa Resorts
  • Hotel Monarch
  • Jhira Bagh Palace
  • Hotel Rupmati
  • Hotel S47
  • Hotel Bee Town
  • Hotel Sanginee
  • The Red Maple Mashal

Where to shop in Dhar

There are not many markets in Dhar, but if you really want to buy something, a few local markets and bazaars sell handicrafts and artifactsm including beautiful beadwork, bagh prints, Pithora paintings, gatha stones, leather & metal articles, and teak woodwork.

Weather in Dhar Summer:  32°C to 44°C
Winter: 10°C to 25°C

How to Reach

By Air: The nearest airport is Devi Ahilyabai Holkar National Airport in Indore, which is around 64 km away from Dhar. The airport has good connectivity with other major cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Ahemdabad, Kolkata, Nagpur, Bangalore, and Hyderabad. Tourists can easily avail a taxi or a cab from this airport to reach their desired destination in Dhar.

By Rail: The nearest railway station that connects Dhar to rest of the country are located in Ratlam and Indore. These two stations are further connected to cities like Mumbai, Pune, Nagpur, Delhi, Jaipur, Ahmedabad, Vadodara, Howrah, Bhopal, Ujjain, Gwalior, Bhind, Jabalpur, Bilaspur, Khandwa, Lucknow, Varanasi, Patna, etc. There are frequent taxis and buses from the railway station to reach Dhar.

By Road: Dhar is very well connected to other major cities like Indore, Jabalpur, Gwalior, Bilaspur, etc. and there are regular buses from these cities to reach Dhar .

Best Time to Visit Dhar can be best visited in the winter i.e. in the months between October and March, when the climate is pleasant and nice and the atmosphere refreshing. A lot of tourists visit this historical destination during this time to enjoy the interesting attractions and stunning natural sights like waterfalls and streams.