Heritage, Madhya Pradesh

Heritage in Madhya Pradesh

Welcome to the heart of India, Madhya, the official abode of the Maharajas and their majestic palaces. There is no state in India that is as diverse in terms of magnificent fort and palaces as Madhya Pradesh. Madhya Pradesh's trove of culture, traditions, music and dance can be easily through its monuments. Madhya Pradesh is a must-see state of India, brimming with startling, thought-provoking and, ultimately, unforgettable attractions.

In Madhya Pradesh, one can see heritage that possesses ageless beauty Handed down by the emperors of the golden India. Major attractions of Madhya Pradesh are forts that are at least 2,000 years old, erotic sculptures that are simply incredible, Buddhist relics that hard to find, caves that hold the splendours of nature, places which depicts about the wealthy traditions of India and the painting that marks the existence of Human. On every nook and corner, tourist will encounter architectural wonders like forts, palaces, museums that are hard to find anywhere else in India.

Madhya Pradesh has been witnessed and conquered by many people. From Gupta to Rajput to Mughal, emperors who came to Madhya Pradesh have left their marks on the land. The people carry on with the legacy of their land and the beautiful buildings act as the evidence of the elegant architecture we have inherited. From Stupas to temples to monuments, all these marks are now seen as heritage sites in Madhya Pradesh. Each of these heritages is replete with a saga of romance, chivalry, valour and game of court politics.

Interesting Facts

  • Overall, there are three UNESCO world heritage sites in Madhya Pradesh- Buddhist Monuments at Sanchi, Rock Shelters of Bhimbetka and Khajuraho Group of Monuments.
  • Some of the oldest Buddhist relics are spotted in Sanchi. The Stupa was built in the year 262 AD by King Ashok.

Monumental Heritage in Madhya Pradesh

Khajuraho Temples

The first thought that comes to mind when one thinks about Madhya Pradesh is the Khajuraho group of temple. Monumental heritages in Madhya Pradesh are so beautiful, charming and ecstatic that it pulls tourists from across the world to visit here. From the erotic sculptures of Khajuraho to the great Stupas at Sanchi, there are many ancient ruins and architectural marvel within the boundary of Madhya Pradesh. Learn about Madhya Pradesh historical heritage, traditions and wealthy culture by paying a visit to these exciting monuments. One can see a plethora of world class monuments in Madhya Pradesh, all these attractions will make one aware about the richness of culture that has excited in India over many years.

Famous Monumental Heritage in Madhya Pradesh

Sanchi Stupa Temples in Khajuraho Devi Jagadambi Temple
Jain Temples at Badoh-Pathari Orrcha Temples  

Caves in Madhya Pradesh:

Caves in Madhya Pradesh

If there is any place in Madhya Pradesh that hides the beauty and splendour of nature, then it would be caves. The deep and dark world of caves is fascinating. Caves of Madhya Pradesh are a rich amalgamation of history, spirituality, mystery and adventure exploration. There are are five famous caves in Madhya Pradesh and one of them, Bhimbhetka Cave is even listened in world heritage sites, released by UNESCO. To some of the caves, legends are associated while others reflect the rich culture and traditions of Madhya Pradesh. Bhimbetka Caves is one of the most famous caves in Madhya Pradesh. The cave is one of the UNESCO world heritage sites in India and marks the human existence in Indian subcontinents. There are many ancient paintings and inscriptions that one can find in these caves. Intricate, massive and breathtaking, these caves in Madhya Pradesh are the most amazing in India.

Famous Caves in Madhya Pradesh: Bhimbetka Caves in Bhojpur Raisen, Bhartrihari Caves in Ujjain, Udayagiri Caves in Vidisha, Udayagiri Caves in Gwalior and Pandav Caves in Panchmarhi.

Forts in Madhya Pradesh

Forts in Madhya Pradesh

Scattered ruins on the towering hills to the restored masterpieces-Forts of Madhya Pradesh are incredible sites to look at and a perfect venue to go for a heritage walk. Castles, fort and fortress of Madhya Pradesh are epitomes of the rulers struggle to conquer the state. They are the witness of the bloodbath the kingdom has gone through to save its people. These are the art from the past and depicts about the cultural history of the state. There is no doubt that forts are the best tourist attractions of Madhya Pradesh. Many of these forts are the symbol of courage as great kings and battles are associated with them. Forts of Madhya Pradesh are more than 2000 years, in fact, no record remains when these forts existed. Forts of Madhya Pradesh invoke the senses of the past. From the steep mass sandstone of Gwalior fort to the rectangular hillock of Dhar Fort, Madhya Pradesh is the home of picturesque as well as impressive historical sites.

Famous forts in Madhya Pradesh

Vijayraghavgarh Fort  Jabalpur Asigarh Fort Burhanpur Bandhavgarh Fort Umaria Chauragarh Fort Jabalpur
Dhar Fort

Garhkundar Fort Tikamgarh

Gulganj Fort Chhatarpur

Gwalior Fort

Palaces in Madhya Pradesh

Palaces in Madhya Pradesh

Experience rich royal legacy of Madhya Pradesh through its, Gupta, Mughals, Rajput and Marathas palaces. Madhya Pradesh is a land of cultural diversity that draws millions of tourists to visit the state. Beautiful places that can be seen here act as a testament to this fact. The splendid palaces of the Madhya Pradesh make to the list of the famous heritage sites in India. All these places that were once the residences of king and emperors, nowadays act as a major tourist attractions of Madhya Pradesh.

Heritage tour to Madhya Pradesh is incomplete without witnessing the extravagant palaces. Madhya Pradesh houses the elaborate Jai Vilas, the official residence of Scindia's, one of the country's most revered families. Most of these lavish palaces are now being converted into heritage hotels is a unique way to experience the luxurious lifestyle of the royals. Palaces of Madhya Pradesh are a must visit for people who want to experience the grandeur and majesty of Madhya Pradesh.

Famous Palaces in Madhya Pradesh:

Kharbuja Mahal, Dhar Baz Bahadur's Palace, Mandu Dinman Hardol's Palace, Orchha Gauhar Mahal, Bhopal
Hindola Mahal, Mandu Jai Vilas Mahal, Gwalior Jal Mahal, Mandu Jahangir Mahal, Orchha
Koshak Mahal, Chanderi Lal Bagh Palace, Indore Moti Mahal, Gwalior Jahaz Mahal, Gwalior
Rai Praveen, Orchha Sheesh Mahal, Orchha Bir Singh's Palace, Datia  

If heritage tour to India interest tourist then they should not forget to include Madhya Pradesh in their itinerary. After reading this entire summary, don't you wish to peek in the rich heritage of Madhya Pradesh? All the destinations mentioned above will surely satiate your desire. Relish the experience of exploring Madhya Pradesh's best heritage. Journey to Madhya Pradesh through its mind-stirring fort will stick to memory throughout life.