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About Ningoor Masjid Drass

Ningoor Masjid brings an element of colour, liveliness and richness against the barren landscape of the region in which it is located. It is one of the tourist attractions in Drass which sheds light on its cultural and religious diversity, and you should try to visit it during your time there.


There is a famous legend associated with the Ningoor Masjid, which states that one of its walls was raised naturally during the time of its construction.


Ningoor Mosque is an architectural piece of beauty, with its minarets bespeckled by Turkish blue and turquoise, along with a dab of green. It is as beautiful a mosque as any. But, what is really fascinating is that it has withstood the harsh climate of Drass for years, and has still not received any permanent damage. That once again testifies to its architectural perfection.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. When is the best time to visit Ningoor Masjid?

Ningoor Masjid is located in Drass, and June to September is the best time to visit it.

Q. Where is Ningoor Mosque located?

Ningoor Masjid is located about 7 kilometers from Drass and can be reached by the Srinagar Leh National Highway 1.

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