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Pallipuram Fort Kerala

A beautiful historical building in Ernakulam district of Kerala, Pallippuram Fort was built by the Portuguese in the year 1503. It is believed that the Pallipuram Fort was under the Dutch in the year 1661, but later in the year 1789, it was sold to the State of Travancore. It is now one of the oldest existing European forts in India, located in the northern extremity of the Vypeen Island. It's a well-known heritage site of Kochi that flock million of tourists from all across the world. This fort houses a rich cultural heritage and foretells a majestic past in the territory of Kochi. Also named by Ayikotta or Alikotta, this fort is built in a gigantic hexagonal structure. It's a major tourist attraction in Ernakulam, which is worth to visit once.

Features of Pallipuram Fort

The 34 feet tall Pallipuram Fort is built using laterite, chunam and wood in a hexagonal shaped structure. There is a cellar inside the fort which is used for gun powder storage. The gate, door and the lintels of the fort are fully dressed and arched too. The door way in the central slab of the fort is constructed using granite. There is an open space inside the fort that opens each passage to the cellar. According to local residents, it is believed that the cellar is a tunnel that head towards the Cheraman Masjid in Kodungallur.

Thence, the splendor and rich history of the Pallipuram Fort tempts visitors to visit here with their friends and dear ones.

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