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Easter Festival Kerala

Celebrated mostly in the month of March or April, Easter marks as an important festival for Christians. It is said to be the celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ, and thus holds great significance amongst the believers. In Kerala, the festival is celebrated the same way as in Christian nations. Before the festival, a period of fast is observed, which is called the Lent Season. The Easter Festival in Kerala has four distinctive time periods. This begins with Lent, during which the believers observe 40 days fast. The second phase is called the Holy Week (Thursday, Friday (Good Friday), Saturday and Sunday). The third period is known as Octave, during which, a large number of people are baptized.The fourth phase is the Easter, which extends over 40 more days.

History of the Festival

It is believed that Jesus Christ resurrected to life on the day of Easter after being crucified on Good Friday.

Duration of the Festival

40 Days Lent Season and 1 Day for the celebration of Easter.

Highlights/ Important Rituals of the Festival

  • In Kerala, during the Easter, ceremony of Lord’s Supper and the traditional washing of feet are carried out on Thursday, a day prior to Good Friday.
  • The rite of the paschal bread is observed in most of the Christian households.
  • Post dinner, the 'cross cake' is brought out and is distributed among all the family members.
Easter Festival in Kerala

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