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Bekal Fort Kerala

Bekal Fort is a historic tourist attraction built in the 17th century located in the Kasargod district of Kerala. It is located on the National Highway around 16 kilometers away from the town. Bordered by an immaculate beach, it is among the best-preserved forts in Kerala. Visitors can enjoy marvelous views of the Arabian Sea from the observation towers of this largest fort in the state. Bekal Fort has an attractive circular structure made up of laterite which rises almost 130 feet above sea level. It stands on a headland of around 35 acres that runs into the Arabian Sea.

There are no remains of the palace within Bekal Fort unlike other forts in the country. Probably it was built to protect the palace from enemies. Visiting Bekal Fort is helpful to get an idea about the medieval defense technology. Bekal Fort was a significant military station for the army of Tipu Sultan during his expedition to capture Malabar. There is an old mosque near his fort which is said to have been built by the Tipu Sultan of Mysore. British also used this fort for their defense and administrative purposes. Bekal Fort and its panoramic surroundings are becoming an international tourist destination these days. It is also a preferred shooting location for many filmmakers. This monument is open on all days from 8 am to 5.30 pm. Kasargod is the nearest railway station to reach this well-maintained fort which is around 16 kilometers away.

Bekal Fort, Kerala

The nearest Mangalore Airport is about 50 kilometers away while Cochin International Airport is approximately 200 kilometers from Kasargod. Tour My India offers educational and comprehensive heritage tours to Kerala.

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