Top Tourist Attractions in Nubra Valley

Nubra Valley is replete with unexplored and lesser explored nature’s gem. The valley is undoubtedly for the adventurous souls who would like to push their endurance limit for sighting some extraordinary places. The main sightseeing places and tourist attractions in Nubra Valley includes, Diskit Monastery, which is the largest and oldest Buddhist monastery in the valley; the tall statue of Maitreyi Buddha, and the desert of Hunder. Apart from this, Nubra has stunning hot springs in Panamik. Other two worth seeing places in Nubra Valley are Sumur and Turtuk.

One of the best activities to enjoy in the ride on a unique species of camel, Bactrian or double-humped. The expansive desert of Hunder is the place where this one-of-its kind experience can be enjoyed. Apart from this, Nubra Valley makes an excellent destination for trekking. The trails take the adventurers to some of the most exotic places in the valley like Tirit, Lukung, Tegar and Samstaling and Sumur. Camping in Nubra Valley is also an exhilarating activity to indulge in.

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