Nigeen Lake Kashmir

A haven for nature lovers, Nigeen Lake (also spelled as Nageen Lake) is a popular tourist place to visit in Srinagar. Situated adjacent to the Hari Parbat hillock, Nigeen Lake is to the west of the Dal Lake. Even though it is a different lake but is sometimes considered to be a part of the Dal Lake as it is connected via a narrow strait.

Flanked by beautiful willow and poplar trees, Nigeen Lake offers a peaceful setting where tourists can enjoy their holidays in Srinagar. The houseboat accommodation option on Nigeen Lake offers a unique travel experience to cherish for a lifetime. Also, tourists can make the most of their visit to the Nigeen Lake by enjoying a Shikara ride amidst serene and sheer nature. In addition to this, Nigeen Lake also has exciting activities for adventure seekers like water skiing and motor rides.

The Nigeen Lake not only enhances the beauty of Srinagar but also helps Jammu & Kashmir tourism to prosper. The lake is indeed a jewel of Srinagar which sits quietly adorned with a tranquil and picturesque environment.

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