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About Kashmir Houseboats

Better known as the floating houses, houseboats in Kashmir provide a unique staying option. Anchored on the banks of the two beautiful lakes in Srinagar, Dal and Nigeen, houseboats tour are perfect for people of age and traveller of all types. Therefore, they are deemed ideal for family vacationers, honeymoon couples as well as solo travellers who can take houseboat tour packages to enjoy this exclusive experience. The houseboat holiday experience in Srinagar also includes a shikara for a leisure ride in the lake or to get to the nearest shore. Tourists can also enjoy shopping on houseboats too, several vendors sail around these floating boasts and sell anything from Kashmiri handicraft to barbequed dishes. 

History of Houseboats


The origin of the houseboat lies in the chapters of Kashmir’s history. It is said that the native kings had forbidden foreign visitors, especially the British from constructing houses in the region and this gave rise to the concept of a houseboat.

Houseboat Features

  • Kashmir’s houseboats are made of cedar wood which stays healthy even after staying for years in water.
  • Inside the houseboats the main feature is the carved wood paneling.
  • Walnut wood is used for furniture on which intricate carvings are done.
  • The porch area is one of the major parts of the boat for guests to sit and relish incredible views of Dal Lake.

Types of Houseboats


A houseboat in Srinagar, much similar to hotels, these floating houses vary in size, facilities, and amenities ranging from luxury to mid-range to budget houseboats.

Where are Houseboats Available?

On Dal Lake, houseboats of all categories are available, whereas on Nigeen Lake, luxury category houseboats can be seen in a larger number.