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About Gardens in Jammu & Kashmir

The incredible land of Jammu & Kashmir has some of the most beautiful gardens which attract thousands of tourists globally every year.

Those who have read or heard about these wonderful gardens in Jammu & Kashmir make it a point to visit them whenever they plan a trip. These gardens in this union territory of India are the best family & kids friendly vacation spots. Even honeymoon couples will enjoy visiting these gardens where they can enjoy taking pictures against a stunning background.

Six of the gardens in Kashmir Valley, which are known as Mughal Gardens, are a UNESCO World Heritage Site and noted for their wonderful Persian style of architecture. Kashmir also boasts Asia’s largest Tulip Garden that is situated in Srinagar and is visited by numerous people from across the globe.

The summer capital, Srinagar is dotted with a number of gardens, making it an important travel destination in J&K.

In Jammu Region also there are several gardens but Bagh-e-Bahu is the top attraction in the tourist list.

Popular Gardens in Jammu & Kashmir

Gardens make for an important part of sightseeing tour in Jammu & Kashmir. From Mughal Gardens to Tulip Garden to in Srinagar to Bagh-e-Bahu in Jammu to Botanical Garden in Kokernag, there are so many pretty gardens in the union territory. The popular gardens in Jammu & Kashmir include:

  • Shalimar Garden in Srinagar
  • Nishat Garden in Srinagar
  • Chashm-e-Shahi in Srinagar
  • Indira Gandhi Memorial Tulip Garden in Srinagar
  • Harwan Garden in Srinagar
  • Badamwari Garden in Srinagar
  • Pari Mahal Garden in Srinagar
  • Jawaharlal Nehru Memorial Botanical Garden in Srinagar
  • Bagh-e-Bahu in Jammu
  • Achabal Garden in Achabal
  • Botanical Garden in Kokernag
  • Nasim Bagh in Srinagar
  • Mughal Garden in Verinag
  • Garden of Char Chinar in Srinagar

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Major Highlights of Kashmir’s Gardens Tour

  • The six Mughal Gardens that include Shalimar Bagh, Nishat Bagh, Chashm-e-Shahi, Achabal Bagh, Pari Mahal Garden, and Verinag Garden are UNESCO recognized World Heritage Site.
  • Indira Gandi Memorial Tulip Garden boasts being Asia’s largest Tulip garden.
  • Badamwari Garden is quite popular for its almond tree flowers that bloom in the month of March and April.
  • Jawaharlal Nehru Botanical Garden boasts 15000 ornamental plants.
  • Shalimar Bagh is the largest Mughal Garden in Kashmir Valley.
  • Chashm-e-Shahi Garden is popular for its cold water spring which is believed to have medicinal properties.
  • Harwan Garden is an island of tranquility where the sounds you hear are of splashes on the lake and the whistling of the leaves of massive Chinar trees.
  • The Botanical Garden in Kokernag along with its rich variety of flowers is famous for its trout fish farm.
  • Char Chinar Garden is reckoned to be one of the best places for photography in Kashmir.

Best Time to Visit Kashmir Garden


The months of March and April are considered the best time to visit the gardens in Jammu & Kashmir. During these months the flowers are in their full bloom and offer an incredible view to capture in camera.  The month of April is particularly a must-visit as during this time, the famous Tulip Festival in Srinagar takes place.