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Arts & Crafts of Jammu & Kashmir

Jammu & Kashmir boasts a rich heritage of art and craft. The valley of Kashmir alone is a haven for culture buffs looking forward to witnessing and study about varied art & craft in the state. On the other hand, Ladakh that exhibits a significant influence of Tibetan culture also makes for an excellent destination to see traditional art. A glimpse of the state’s rich art & craft heritage can be seen in their lives. From their utensils to clothes to furniture to jewellery, everything beckons at their master skills of weaving, embroidery, crafting, painting, and carving.

Kashmir's Srinagar, Ganderbal, and Budgam districts are the prime contributors in the state's handicraft skills.  Pashmina, Shawl, Crewel embroidery, Phool Kari, Carpet, Silverware, Woodwork, Kashmiri rug (Namda) and Papier-mache are the main products of Kashmiri handicrafts. The skills of the making of Kashmiri rugs go back to the time of Mughal Emperor who once demanded a suitable covering floor for his horse. Woodwork is one prominent craft one can see everywhere in Kashmir beginning from the airport. The walnut wood is used for making items like trays, fruit bowls, ladles, plates and picture frames along with doors and other furniture for the houses. Crewel embroidery on curtains, bedsheets, table runners, and several other items is also a prominent art in Kashmir and so is the skill of papier-mache.

In Ladakh, one of the most prominent handicrafts is metalwork in Chilling, Zanskar region. A community of artisans in Chilling work on silver, brass and copper, and produce domestic and religious use articles like chang pots, tea-cup stands, lids, hookah bases, spoons and bowls, and silver chortens for installation in local shrines.

Ladakhis also specialize in making woollen clothes from Patttu, a rough woollen material and baskets which are made using willow twigs or a kind of grass. However, Ladakh is particularly famous for its thangkas, a painting on silk clothes which also has embroidery. Rugs and carpets with geometric patterns are also the reflections of fine Ladakhi art & craft.

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