Tattapani, Naldehra, Himachal

Tattapani, Naldehra

A popular attraction of Naldehra, Tattapani is a must visit place located at a distance of 30 km from Naldehra and 50 km away from Shimla. It lies at an altitude of 655 metres above sea level.

History of Tattapani Tattapani means hot water and is made up of several hot sulphur springs with many tourists flocking here to take a dip in this water. It is believed that this water can cure many ailments like fatigues, joint pain and certain skin diseases. The springs are located on the banks of the Sutlej River and cover an area of 1 sq km. This natural spring is very pure and the temperature keeps changing on the basis of water level of the river.

The hot water spring is 4 km away from the Hindu Temples and the Shiv Goofa (Shiva Caves), which are located at Saraur. A number of worshippers and devotees throng this place in the month of January to take a dip in the sacred water of Tattapani. Tara Ratri and Lohfi are a few popular festivals of Tattapani which captivate tourists who arrive here from all over the world. It's a must see attraction in Naldehra that is also dotted with various temples, holding religious significance for Hindus.

Activities in Tattapani River Rafting-Tattapani is a place where adventure seekers can enjoy white river rafting from April to June. A course on river rafting is also offered here by HPTDC and private operators.

Mountain Biking / Cycling Mountain biking or cycling is a unique and refreshing experience along the banks of the river Sutlej. Tourists may go up to the Chindi village, which is just 30 km away from Tattapani.

Accommodation in Tattapani There are quite a few accommodation options in Tattapani, but the best among all is Hotel Hot Springs Therma and Spa that offers a luxury stay with all modern amenities. The rest are budget hotels that are located close to the banks of the river Sutlej.

Best Time to Visit Tattapani can be visited round the year, especially in winter season when the sulphur springs make the region a little warm. This place remains open all throughout the day.