Kogi Mata Temple Naldehra, Himachal

Kogi Mata Temple, Naldehra

Located in Kogi village of Naldehra, the Kogi Mata Temple is dedicated to Kogi Mata.

If you wanna get a glimpse of Himachali heritage and culture, visit Kogi and take in the beauty of the region. You will find various traditional houses around the temple, adding charm to the beauty of the place. Soothing air, striking natural beauty with the appealing sceneries, make it an ideal destination to pend some memorable time in this temple. If you are outburst from your busy work schedule, step into this holy place and relax amidst the serene ambience.

Amazing Facts about the Temple There are some interesting facts about this place like an ancient Hindu tradition is still being followed here and the Chowka, which is sculpted in wood is made for elders who are only allowed to sit on this honorable chair.