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Best Time to Visit Naldehra

The best time to visit this scenic place in Himachal is from May to September when the weather remains pleasant. Light rains during the monsoons give way to a serene environment and lush Himalayan landscape. Naldehra is engulfed by a thick blanket of snow during the winters, making it an ideal destination for adventure seekers and snow lovers.

Summer Season (April-June):

With the mercury levels not rising above 28°C, Naldehra becomes a tourist hotspot during this season due to its comfortable and pleasant weather. This is the ideal time to play golf here amidst the spectacular Himalayan terrain. It is also ideal to visit Naldehra in the month of June when a cultural the Sipi Fair is held.

Monsoon Season (July-September):

Naldehra receives moderate to low rainfall during the monsoons. Therefore, it is one of the few hill stations in India which can be visited during the monsoons as well.

Winter Season (October-February):

The month of October marks the arrival of the winter season in Naldehra and it stays till February. Immerse yourself in the unique 'Jotton Ka Mela' held in October every year, which is famous for its bullfights. With the temperature falling to as low as -4°C, Naldehra becomes a dreamlike destination during this season. This is the perfect time to visit Naldehra to enjoy its fascinating snowy charm.

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