Langza Village Lahaul and Spiti Valley

Langza Village, Lahaul & Spiti Valley

Langza Village is a beautiful destination, located in one of the most majestic valleys in India 'Spiti Valley' in the state of Himachal Pradesh. This picturesque village is blessed with ancient monasteries and buildings of the prehistoric era. It is surrounded by green pastures, snow-clad mountains and barren landscapes that awe-struck every person who visit this stunning location, which is certainly one of the best places in the whole Spiti Valley. The magic of nature at Langza village leaves everyone speechless.

Hightlights Langza village is situated at an altitude of 4400 meters and is divided into two sections, namely Langza Yongma (lower) and Langza Gongma (upper). It houses a population of approximately 137 people, who are dependent on agriculture and business for their livelihood. The production of vessels of all shapes and sizes and crafts such as shawls, carpets, etc. are common in Langza and helps residents earn money for a livelihood. The village has an ancient Lang or temple, which is regarded as the headquarters of all the Deities of the Spiti Valley.

Life is not easy in Langza during winter and the village remains disconnected from civilization as the temperature drops below zero, making it difficult for the villagers to continue their day-to-day task. As soon as summer approaches, the snow fields transform into green pastures and Langzu opens its door for a few fortunate visitors.

Attractions Langza Village is primarily dominated by the statue of Lord Buddha, overlooking the valley, an ancient monastery, and mud houses that the tourists can see during their visit in the village. Visitors can also take a trail to few high altitude lakes, around Langza and indulge in adventurous activities like mountaineering and trekking. This place is very rich in fossils of marine animals and plants that were found here millions of years ago and this is why many geologists and anthropologists visit the village each year to do research and to dig out more details about the fossils. Spiti Valley is said to have submerged in the Tethys Sea millions of years ago and one can catch a glimpse of the prehistoric era in Tangza even till date. This is the reason archaeologists and historians love visiting this place.