Dashair and Dhankar Lake Himachal

Dashair and Dhankar Lake

Region: Lahaul, Himachal Pradesh
Best time to visit: Best time to visit Dashair and Dhankar Lake is during summer, from May to October.
Elevation: 4270 m
Altitude: High

In the humdrum of city life it is difficult to find a retreat, which can completely rejuvenates one's soul. A tour to Dashair and Dhankar Lake is one of the best ways to enlighten the mind and soul. Blessed with some of the most extravagant and winsome landscapes anywhere, the place with its lofty snow peaks, lush green valleys, enchanting mountain lakes, beautiful temples and monasteries steeped in time beckons every tourist.

Located at an elevation of 4270 m above sea level, Dashair and Dhankar Lake is located nearby the Rohtang Pass. The lake is also known by the name of Sarkund. Dashair and Dhankar Lake is considered as half man made and rest natural. As per the stories, King Puran Lal of Syalkot (now in Pakistan) visited the spot and decided to construct a lake.

Many stories and myths are associated with the establishment of the Dhankar Lake. According to these the stories, Lord Shiv stayed at this lake for some time in search of Vishnu. While Shiva was wandering in search of Vishnu, his attendant Nandi drank some water from this place and as a reward Lord Shiv blessed the area with plenty of water.

As per another story, Lord Indra saw the dryness of place and complained to Lord Shiv about this. He requested Lord Shiv to look into the matter but he was busy looking for Lord Vishnu. Seeing the delay, Lord Indra threw his axe and by the impact of his axe, a spring came out and formed a lake. Since then on every Mouni Amavasya, a festival is celebrated by the residents of this area.

At a short distance away from the lake is the Dhankar Monastery which is one of the five main Buddhist centres and a major tourist destination in the Spiti region. Dashair and Dhankar Lake can be approached by a trek from the monastery.

Dashair and Dhankar lake is always attracting tourists all over India and abroad. A trip to Dashair and Dhankar Lake is a treat for the soul and eyes.