Kibber Lahaul and Spiti Valley

Kibber, Lahaul & Spiti Valley

The beautiful village of Kibber, which is located in Spiti Valley and at a height of 4205 meters above sea level, holds the distinction of being the highest Motorable village in the world,. This scenic village is situated in a cold desert, surrounded by picturesque mountains, barren landscape, and green meadows. The landscape of Kibber is similar to that of Ladakh and Tibet and the Tibetan Buddhism is the predominant religion here. This is the reason the Spiti Valley is also known as Little Tibet. The high altitude and stunning & pollution free atmosphere of Kibber is a boon for sky gazers and photographers, who get the most amazing pictures of the natural wonders here.

Kibber Village can be easily reached from Kye Monastery as it is located just a few kilometers away from the village. Other nearby villages such as Komic, Hikkim, and Langshu looks similar and can be reached easily from Kibber. All the people from these villages shifts to warmer locations during winter as the temperature drops below freezing point at the time of snowfall. Agriculture is the main source of livelihood in Kibber and potato farming is common here. The people also have other occupations such as animal husbandry, jobs in government programs, government services, and other businesses & crafts that include weaving.

The houses in Kibber are constructed in Tibetan style with stone and adobe bricks and are worth seeing. The landscape of this scenic village stands apart from the entire Spiti Valley as it has more fertile fields that produce sufficient amounts even for trading. Farming is the main source of livelihood for the people of Kibber and barley and Peas are the main crops harvested here. The village has all the basic amenities like electricity, school, post office, hospital, restaurants, and hotels and so, the tourists manages to stay here comfortably.

Highlights Kibber Village houses many popular monasteries and temples that you can visit during your holiday at this heavenly place. People can also visit the Kibber Wildlife Sanctury, which is located close to the village and houses many snow-dwelling animals such as Ibex, Blue Sheep, Red Fox, Tibetan Woolly Hare, Himalayan Wolf, Lynx, Pika, Tibetan Wild Ass, and Snow Leopard. Kibber Village is a popular place among adventure lovers as trekking and mountaineering are the main attractions of the village. One can go to the Dandmachan Peak for trekking or mountaineering and also for photography.

Kibber also arranges camping facilities during summer and there are some options for home stays, which are pretty much affordable. Options to eat are limited in this village; however, the guesthouses and home stays provide good homely food on demand. The locals serve Indian as well as Tibetan cuisines to the visitors.