Dainkund Peak, Dalhousie

Dainkund Peak, Dalhousie

Dainkund in Dalhousie region is a place worth visiting, thanks to its beautiful snow covered peaks and lush green surroundings that attract many tourists every year to this stunning place. Dainkund is the highest peak in Dalhousie and gets maximum snowfall during the winter season. There is a motorable road that leads to this hill, but one can also choose to trek this distance as the views are really astonishing here. This whole stretch is full of natural beauty that gives a completely different experience to the guests.

Highlights The tall and beautiful Deodar trees, calm forests, colorful flowers, and green valleys are the reasons why people are so fond of this place. The view of Khajjiar Lake from Dainkund is something every photographer wishes to capture in his or her camera. There are a few villages nearby Dainkund that offers scenic charm and picturesque view of the mud houses in the village. The Dainkund Peak is one of the most visited places in Dalhousie and is located at an altitude of 2755 meters above sea level. It gives 360 view of the entire valley and provides the superb picture of the lush green trees and tranquil mountains.

Although trekking is the most common activity in this area, a lot of people come here to enjoy the calm and peaceful surroundings and to visit the Pholani Devi Temple, which is one of the major attractions here. One can also find an Air Force base, which is only a few meters away from the temple, at Dainkund.

Other facts This place is also popular for its colorful flower valleys that looks even more beautiful during the rainy season. The noise of the breeze passing through the trees makes a musical sound here and so Dainkund is popularly known as the singing hill. It is believed that in the old days there were witches living there who used to trouble the villagers, but today there is no such thing and the people living here are happy to be surrounded by the beautiful landscapes and stunning valleys.

The best time to visit this wonderful destination is in winter, when the hill is loaded with lush green trees, refreshing flowers and snow.