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Information About Kesarval Falls Goa

Kesarval Falls is one of the tourist places in Goa which you should try to visit, especially if you happen to visit it during the monsoon. Although the waterfall itself is not as wide & high as Dudhsagar or Arvalem, it is an extremely beautiful sight to come across.

What makes Kesarval Falls so special?

There are many waterfalls in Goa, so why should you visit Kesarval Falls? Well, the water here is renowned for possessing certain medicinal & rejuvenating properties. The minerals in the water are obtained from the hard rock that the water pounds through. Many people consider the Kesarval Falls to be a natural spa.

Why are they called Kesarval Falls?

The word Kesarval means eagles in the local language, and this waterfall was given its name after the eagles that made their nests in close proximity to it. Even though its waters contain medicinal properties, it has never been found how it came to possess them.

Best Time to Visit Kesarval Falls

Just like the other waterfalls in Goa, the Kesarval Falls are best visited from July till March. However, you should only view the waterfall from a distance during this time, as the areas close to it become quite slippery.

Top Things to Do in Kesarval Falls

  • Enjoy the waterfall
  • Photography
  • Take a dip (be extremely careful while doing so during the monsoon)

How to Reach Kesarval Falls?

The Kesarval Falls are located close to the village of Cortalim, just 22 kilometers from Panaji, the capital city of Goa. It is located about 8 kilometers away from Goa International Airport.

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