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Fontainhas Latin Quarter Goa

Info About Fontainhas Latin Quarter Goa

Enough of the beaches. Now, it's time to revel in the long history of Portuguese influence in the form of Fontainhas Latin Quarter which stands still in pride with all its glory. It is Goa’s Latin Quarter. It is the center of attraction of the capital city Panjim.

Decked by Ourem creek in the East and Altinho hills in the west, this old Portuguese charm still shows the radiance of old days magnificently. It gets its name from the Fountain of Phoenix spring located at the foot of Altinho Hills.

History of Fontainhas Latin Quarter Goa

It was founded by Rich Portuguese Antônio João de Sequeira for the purpose of coconut plantation but the pandemic of the 1800’s transformed this plantation into a residential area for Portuguese officers and rulers. It was recognized as a heritage Zone by UNESCO in 1984.

Attractions of Delight

It is one of the most visited places in Goa. Breathtaking vibes of old cafes and bakeries, colonial charm of Portuguese buildings, art galleries, red brick wishing well and old Portuguese churches and old streets like 18th June street and Rua 31 De Janeiro street will take you back in time of bygone era.

Colonial architecture is one of a kind. Slate tiled roofs, dark wooden doors, white and blue tiled plaques, maroon red and mustard yellow houses will be the most fascinating sight to behold in this area. Your holidays in Goa will be incomplete without visiting the old-world charm of Fontainhas Latin quarter.

Best Time to Visit Fontainhas Latin Quarter Goa

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February is the best time to visit the old-world charm Fontainhas Latin Quarter. As it is a festive month. The Fountain Festival is held every year in the month of February. Tourists from all over the world visit here during this time to enjoy local goan culture and art. Locals during this time turn their houses into art galleries.

Top Things to Do in and around Fontainhas Latin Quarter

  • Soothe your eyes with some contemporary art and Scandinavian lithographs, lino prints etc. in Gallery Gitanjali.
  • Velha Goa Galeria is the best place to shop. It is very popular for its traditional hand painted ceramics.
  • Altinho Hill will give you breathtaking views of Fontainhas Latin Quarter and eternal peace at Tangerine colored Maruti Hindu Temple. Don’t forget to go to the phoenix fountain, which is another famous landmark in Altinho Hill.
  • Chapel of St Sebastian- It's time to rejuvenate your mind and soul in the calmness of this divine church and embrace spirituality.
  • Exploring the Fontainhas Latin Quarter on foot will enrich your experience of Holidays in Goa.

Frequently Asked Questions

By Air - From Goa International Airport, local taxis or buses are available to reach Fontainhas Latin Quarter.

By Road - Buses are available to reach Panjim from major cities like Bangalore, Mangalore and Mumbai etc. After reaching Panjim you can take an auto or rickshaw to reach the small village of Fontainhas. Road Trip by Car would be an awesome experience.

By Train - Margao and Vasco are the nearest train stations to reach Panjim. From Panjim you can take local transport to reach Fontainhas.

Some of the best places to stay in Fontainhas Latin Quarter are –

  • LaMaison Fountainhas
  • Welcomheritage Panjim Inn
  • The Mitaroy Goa Hotel
  • Afonso Guest House
  • Abrigo De Botelho

Some of the best places to eat at Fontainhas Latin Quarter are –

  • Viva Panjim
  • HorseShoe Hotel
  • Cafe Bodega
  • Hotel Venite
  • Barrels & bones
  • Confeitaria 31 De Janeiro

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