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Water Adventure in Goa

About Water Adventure Sports Activities in Goa

It is universally acknowledged that the traveler in search of good beaches must also be in want of thrilling water adventures. What else would be a better place than Goa? Goa is one of the most popular beach destinations of India and tourists from all over the world come here to enjoy a plethora of Watersports apart from enjoying the picturesque views of beaches.

Water adventure tourism in Goa is such that one needs to definitely try it in order to enrich the experience of Goa Holidays. It is for every kind of traveler whether you are a first timer or an adventure water sport expert. There are plenty of water activities like scuba diving, parasailing, and banana boat ride, snorkeling. Jet ski, and knee boarding, etc. to make your day a memorable one.

For a fun filled vacation in Goa, one must indulge in the excitement of watersports of Goa. If you love adventures Goa is a perfect place to be in because thrill as your constant companion will lure you from every corner of the scenic beaches and you know that you have longed for it deep inside your heart? Don’t you?

Best time for water sports in Goa

October to March is the best time to try any water sports in Goa due to pleasant climate and the sea is also placid. It's safe to enjoy water sports during these months of the year.

There is a huge list of adventurous water sports in Goa but here we have the list of only the most popular water sports of Goa:

  • Water Skiing
  • Snorkelling
  • Dinghy Sailing
  • Surfboarding
  • Angling
  • Winch Boat Parasailing
  • Scuba Diving
  • Sea Rafting
  • Cruising

Water Skiing - Thrill of shimmering waters

Water Skiing

It is one of the most loved watersports in Goa. Cool wind with water touches your face as you rush through the picturesque ocean. One must be physically very fit to enjoy the thrill of shimmering waters. One also must know a moderate level of swimming to enjoy this sport.

Adventure Level : Difficult

Best Places to Enjoy Water Skiing in Goa

Candolim Beach, Mobor Beach, Baga Beach, Arossim Beach, Candolim Beach, Candolim Beach and Utorda beach are some of the most popular beaches to enjoy Water Skiing.

Snorkelling - Alluring marine life

Snorkelling in Goa

Whether you are an expert or a beginner anyone can enjoy the scenic views of the enchanting underwater world. You will spot fishes like angelfish, lionfish, and batfish and if you are lucky enough, wrecks of old ships along with other amazing water creatures. No swimming skill is needed for trying this amazing water sport, this is why it is the easiest and very popular water sport of Goa which everybody can enjoy.

Adventure Level - Easy

Best Places to Enjoy Snorkelling in Goa

Suzy’s wreck, Bat Island, Grande Island, and Navy Island etc. are some of the best places to enjoy Snorkelling in Goa.

Dinghy Sailing - Become cheap version of Popeye the sailor Man

Dinghy Sailing in Goa

One of the very popular water sports in Goa, Dinghy Sailing will blow your heart away if you are planning to try this amazing and thrilling water sport. Beautiful Ocean Vistas while sailing small boats in its wild waters and amazing marine surroundings will elevate your experience of vacation in Goa to a whole new level.

Some boats are designed for speed and some are for relaxed sailing which you can enjoy with your friends and family. So, what are you waiting for? Become a sailor for a day and enjoy the beauty of sailing in the turquoise waters. Swimming skill is needed to do this water sport.

Adventure Level - Moderate

Best Places to Enjoy Dinghy Sailing in Goa

Bambolim Beach is one of the best places to enjoy Dinghy Sailing in Goa.

Surfboarding - Embrace the wild waves

Surfboarding  in Goa

Surfboarding in Goa is another definition of thrill and excitement. It is a little scary but once you try you will conquer your fear. You have to choose your surfboard according to your surf level and then the wild waves of turquoise waters of the ocean will start calling you. While you surf the waves of the ocean will touch your face with all energy like a naughty child’s play. Experienced surfers try this amazing water sport during pre-monsoons and post monsoons.

Adventure Level - Difficult

Best Places to Enjoy Surfboarding in Goa

Arambol Beach and Baga Beach are the best place to try this amazing water sport of Surfboarding.

Angling - I am a fisherman

Water Skiing in Goa

Once in a lifetime you should try this amazing adventurous water sport called Angling. It is one of the most famous water sports of Goa. Live the life of a fisherman for a day and enjoy the fun of fishing. You might catch a big fish depending on your skill.

This water sport can be enjoyed with family and friends. Inshore fishing is available throughout the year. Offshore fishing is equally thrilling. It would be suitable if you carry your own equipment to enjoy the thrill of fishing in Pristine turquoise waters.

Adventure Level - Moderate

Best Places to Enjoy Angling in Goa

Dona Paula Beach, Motor Beach, Sonalium, Fort Aguada, River Tiracol, and the last Asylum in Polem are the best places to enjoy Angling.

Winch Boat Parasailing - Fly high in the sky like a bird


Go high in the sky and the exquisite views of the scenic ocean will teleport you in the world of bliss. This is one of the must do watersports to enrich your holiday experiences in Goa. It is generally done solo. Little bit of swimming is needed. Cool breeze, best ocean vistas and azure sky makes this water sport the most soul soothing water sport of Goa.

Adventure Level - Moderate

Best Places to Enjoy Boat Parasailing in Goa

Sinquerim Beach, Calangute Beach, Motor Beach and Candolim Beach etc. are the best places to enjoy Winch Boat Parasailing.

Scuba Diving - What’s in the dungeon’s deep

Scuba Diving in Goa

Don’t you want to see the alluring marine life underwater and imagine that you too are a part of them? Stunning corals and reefs, colorful tunas, sharks and Turtles etc. Ah! What a view it will be. Scuba is one of the best water sports in Goa and one should really try it.

Adventure Level – Easy

Best Places for Scuba Diving in Goa

The best place to enjoy scuba diving in Goa are Grande Island, Turbo Tunnel, Uma Guva, Malvan Island and Calangute beach etc.

Sea Rafting – Call of the wild Waters

Sea Rafting in Goa

Sea Rafting is a popular adventurous water sports in Goa which you should definitely enjoy in post-monsoon. Rains would disappear and the weather would be perfect for rafting. The best time to do rafting starts from October and ends in May. Hit the Sea waves while giving yourself a visual treat of picturesque hills, beaches and the Sea itself to create a long-lasting memories to cherish forever. It’s a great mountain rafting alternative. You should know swimming to do rafting.

Adventure Level - Moderate

Best Places for Sea Rafting in Goa

Arambol Beach and Vagator Beach are the best place to enjoy Sea rafting.

River Cruising – Sailing Time

River Cruising in Goa

Sailing down the enchanting river is the most magical experience one can have and that is why River cruising is the most popular water activity in goa. Stay in a houseboat or go for an adventurous backwater cruise while enjoying the beauty of rustic life, nearby village and churches along the way- all is fun and equally thrilling. You should definitely include River Cruising in your Goa travel Itinerary.

Adventure level – Easy

Best Places for River Cruising in Goa

Some popular cruise to enjoy in Goa are Deltin Royale Casino cruise, Yacht Charter, Dinner cruise at Mandovi River, Catamaran Cruise and Casino Pride Cruise etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Always read the instructions carefully while trying any water sport.
  • Most water sports require you to know a moderate level of swimming in Goa.
  • Always wear comfortable clothes while trying any adventure sports in Goa.
  • If required take some demo lessons from the trainers.
  • One needs to be physically fit to try any watersports in Goa.
  • Always book your session with the trainer in advance of the water sport you want to enjoy.
  • Your safety equipment is your lifeline, always check it carefully.
  • Carry all the essentials like sunglasses, water bottle, and sunscreen as you never know when you need them.

Some of the best beaches to try water sports in Goa are –

  • Calangute Beach- Best for Parasailing
  • Candolim Beach- Best for water scooter, Jet ski
  • Mobor Beach- Best for water skiing
  • Valopi- Best for white water rafting
  • Dona Paula Beach- Best for Windsurfing
  • Grande Island- Best for Scuba Diving

Best beaches to enjoy Parasailing are –

  • Baga Beach
  • Dona Paula Beach
  • Bogmalo Beach
  • Colva Beach
  • Sinquerim Beach
  • Candolim Beach

Candolim Beach, Mobor beach, and Rajbaga Beach, etc. are the best beaches to enjoy Knee boarding in Goa.

Mobor beach and Anjuna Beach are the best places to enjoy Ringo Riding in Goa. It is also not a very popular sport but it is thrilling.

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