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How To Reach Majuli

Majuli is a famous island in the River Bramhaputra, flowing in the state of Assam. It is the biggest district island in the country and is quite close to Jorhat. It is not too difficult to commute to Majuli from Jorhat. You have to reach Jorhat first, which is well connected with different means of transport from other part of the state and country as well.

By Air:

There are frequent flights to Jorhat from Guwahati, as well as other parts of the country, especially the eastern zone. There are four flights in a week from Kolkata to Jorhat too. From Jorhat, take private bus to the Neemati Ghat. You can also book a taxi from Jorhat, and take it on the ferry.

By Rail:

There are two ferry rides which you need to take while going to Majuli. The first one takes about an hour, then you have to take a 10 minutes bus trip to Major Sapori. From this island take another ferry and then a bus ride to the main town of Majuli. From the Neemati Ghat, which is about 14 km from Jorhat, where at least two ferry boats are available per day that can take you to the river island Majuli.

By Road:

Jorhat also serves as the nearest road connection from Majuli. On daily basis, you can avail the ASTC buses within the state. There are several day as well as night deluxe buses from Guwahati to Jorhat in the interval of seven hours.

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