Purnagiri Mela Uttarakhand

Held in the famous Shri Poornagiri Temple in Uttarakhand, this colourful and sacred festival commemorate Goddess Sati. The fair that is held at Annapurna Peak is colourful and offers panoramic view of the surrounding Himalayas.

About Purnagiri Mela

Talking about festivities relished in Uttarakhand, there is one much talked about Mela, Purnagiri. The event is organized by the temple of Shri Purnagiri which is settled on the Annapurna Peak at an elevation of 1676 m above the sea level. The area where the temple is settled now is believed to be the place where the part of the navel of Sati and Savant Prajapati was cut down by the Vishnu Chakra. It's a bliss to enjoy the Mela with the scintillating view of the ranges. Moreover, the Mela takes place during the auspicious and revered festival time of Hindus, Navratri. Shri Purnagiri temple where the Mela takes place is close to Tunya and Tanakpur. Tunya is situated 17 km away from the temple whereas Tanakpur is located 20 km away settled on the right bank of the Kali River of Champawat District of Kumaon Region. The revered temple is one of the 108 Siddha Peethas and hence pilgrims in abundance flock around during the festival of Navratri to seek blessings from the deity.


  • Purnagiri Mela is organized by Shri Purnagiri Temple.
  • The Mela takes place every year in Chaitra Navratri over the period of two months.
  • The Purnagiri Temple is one of the 108 Siddha Peethas and a sacred place to visit for pilgrims throughout the year.

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